Honda Vietnam to introduce all-new Air Blade

16:53 | 07/12/2015 Society

On the 27th of November, 2015, Honda Vietnam has officially introduced the all new Air Blade with a more edgy, stylish and attractive design.

Honda Vietnam to introduce all-new Air Blade

The all-new Honda Air Blade has 3 different versions with 9 color variations

The all-new Honda Air Blade aims to be a vehicle which every customers are honored to own one. All-new Air Blade features 3 key themes: slim yet strong body, appearance alongside technologies and high quality, high operability.

The new Air Blade features clear lines and surfaces with exquisite details. The entry-level version is priced at 37.990.000 VND while 2 higher versions are at 39.990.000 and 40.990.000 VND.


Saddle is designed long and wide for best comfort

The new version has slimmer but stronger front fascia, especially with the 3D, chrome-plated AB logo. The headlight cluster now also includes LED navigating lights. It looks very edgy and aggressive when being observed side to side. Its smart brake helps balance force distribution between front and rear wheel without the need of using both.

The 3D, chrome-plated logo is only featured on the highest version, with lower ones employ 125 decal or 3D logo only. Also, LED lights are fitted around the lock which also featured 2-level security.


The new Air Blade features very spacious trunk and customers can also personalize their Air Blades and themselves easily with numerous accessories./.