Home-based solar power system becomes favourite in Central region

13:25 | 22/06/2019 Industry

At the beginning of 2019, only some 300 households in the Central and Central Highlands Regions installed home solar energy system. The number has increased to 540 so far this year.

The Central Region has huge potential to develop home-based rooftop solar system

This has proved people’s growing interest in home solar power system.

According to the Central Power Corporation, the total capacity of solar power systems within the region is over 4,000 kilowatt peak (kWp).

With more daily average sun hours than other regions in Vietnam, the Central Region boasts huge potential to develop home-based rooftop solar systems.

Favourable conditions created by the Government have greatly facilitated the growth of solar energy, which is expected to help lower the electricity price in Vietnam.

Theo VNA