Hollywood casting director now hiring Vietnamese talent

17:48 | 11/12/2015 Society

The casting director for a Paramount Pictures and Etherium Sky film entitled ‘Downsizing’, directed by Alexander Payne, is holding auditions for the challenging and exciting role of the character, Ngoc Lan Tran.

Hollywood casting director now hiring Vietnamese talent

Right to left: Alexander Payne, actor Matt Damon,and actress Reese Witherspoon

According to the character description revealed on the website http://www.etheriumsky.com/downsizing-casting/, Lan (aged 30-50), is a fierce and emotional woman determined to do the right thing and speak the truth no matter whom she may offend.

She is a one-legged former prisoner who travels to the US and continues her mission to help the poor and finds love in the process. 

The actress must  be able to speak fluent Vietnamese as well as English (with a Vietnamese accent) and does not need to be professionally trained.

Etheriumsky.com notes anyone who fits the criteria can apply by recording a 2-5min video introducing themselves with accurate contact information and submit to downsizingcastasst2@gmail.com./.


Source: VOVnews


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