Hoa Binh industry promotion fosters in-depth development

15:17 | 07/05/2014 Industry

(VEN) - Over the past years, industry promotion activity in the northern province of Hoa Binh has become a motive force for the industrial and small-scale handicraft development, contributing to improving rural worker’s lives and ensuring social security.

Hoa Binh industry promotion attracted nearly VND11.5 billion from reciprocal funding of beneficiaries

According to statistics, since 2008, Hoa Binh Province has attracted nearly VND30 billion for industry promotion activities. The funding for the first stage 2008-2012 was nearly VND23 billion and in 2013 alone was VND2.046 billion, of which the national funding reached VND1.641 billion and local funding was VND405 million. Industry promotion activities attracted VND11.46 billion from reciprocal funding of beneficiaries. In addition, Hoa Binh City and other districts also spent one part of their funding for the local industry promotion with total funding in the 2008-2013 period of more than VND3 billion.

Through the industry promotion programs, Hoa Binh Province has trained, passed and developed occupations for 3,375 laborers, providing stable jobs and incomes for the rural laborers without them having to leave their native villages. Through vocational training projects, industry promotion activities have built a highly-skillful and working consciousness workforce to create a premise for rural industry to industrialize.

In the 2008-2013 period alone, the number of industrial and small-scale handicraft facilities increased from 5,185 to 5,687 units and the number of laborers at these facilities also rose from 19,351 to over 22,000. The province’s industrial products have strengthened their foot-holes in the domestic and overseas markets. Many enterprises have applied the ISO 9000 System and registered quality criteria for their products, contributing to affirm their quality and competitiveness. During this period, the good export value of Hoa Binh Province was estimated at US$185.7 million, of which the export value of handicrafts was about US$32.3 million with major export markets including Japan, Malaysia, China, the US and Russia.

Most of the working staff of Hoa Binh provincial industry promotion center worked very effectively. They also coordinated well with local industrial production facilities and other related units and organizations. For example, the center coordinated with the provincial Youth Union and Vu Ban Town’s Farmer Association, Lac Son District to train brocade weaving for 50 workers and 100 other trainees of Lac Son District; with the provincial vocational training center and women’s union to train embroidering and broom making for 100Dao women in Binh Thanh Commune, Cao Phong District; with Hoa Binh Cooperative Alliance to train 50 officials on the management skills of their cooperatives.

It will also join efforts with the provincial vocational training center under the provincial military headquarters to offer engineering training to Mong ethnic people and soldiers who have returned from military service in Hang Kia and Pa Co communes, Mai Chau District.

Hoa Binh’s Department of Industry and Trade also signed a coordination program with the provincial Farmer Association in the 2012-2015 period to improve efficiency of industry and trade activities in the local rural areas.

In the 2013-2015 period, Hoa Binh Province strives to post growth rate of rural industrial production at over 20 percent per year. The proportion of rural industrial production and processing industry will account over 70 percent of the province’s total industrial production value. The province will also mobilize internal and external power resources to assist inpiduals and organizations to invest in rural industrial production and industry promotion services./.

By Hong Duong         


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