HN: CPI rises slightly in July

09:33 | 23/07/2015 Society

The consumer price index (CPI) picked up 0.18% in July and by 0.77% compared to last December, according to the Municipal Statistics Office.

HN: CPI rises slightly in July

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Nine out of 11 groups of commodities witnessed rising prices, of which foodstuffs and dining-out services experienced a price hike of 0.13%; followed by housing, electricity, water, fuel and building materials which soared by 0.32% due to hot weather.


Cost of beverage and cigarettes increased by 0.26%; garments, hats, and footwear 0.47%; household utensils 0.38%; medicines, and healthcare services 0.06%; transport 0.11%; culture, entertainment, tourism 0.13%; other goods and service 0.18%.

Prices of education and telecom were stable.

In July, gold price declined by 3.75% while that of the US dollar rose by 0.01% on-month./.


Source: VGP