HIGH-QUALITY RICE BRANDING: A clear trend in the north

15:31 | 12/10/2015 Trade

(VEN) - Provinces in northern midlands and highlands are orientated towards high-quality rice farming and processing.

HIGH-QUALITY RICE BRANDING: A clear trend in the north

Lao Cai’s quality rice farming area yields from 6-7 tonnes per ha per crop and bring about VND50-60 million per ha per crop

According to the Department of Crops Production under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, provinces in the northern midlands and highlands have great potential to farm such as Seng Cu, Cam and Tu Le sticky rice and DA1 and JO2 rice varieties. High-quality rice varieties are farmed on about 30 percent of the total rice cultivated area in the northern highlands, with some provinces having large  high-quality rice farming areas including Dien Bien with 65 percent and Cao Bang with more than 50 percent.

Lao Cai Province has shaped up high-quality rice farming areas in Bao Thang, Bao Yen and Van Ban districts, with a total area of 1,976ha and cultivating cold-resistant rice for spring crop including DS1, JO1, JO2, and for summer crop including Bac Thom and Tam, with average yield per ha ranging from 6-7 tonnes.

Dien Bien Province has about 4,000ha of high-quality rice cultivating varieties like Bac Thom 7 and IR64, with average yield per ha of 6 tonnes.

Son La Province has implemented a high-quality rice commercialization and branding program in Phu Yen District where there are 1,000ha of high quality rice with an annual output of 10,000 tonnes. The program has promoted ties between farmers, government, scientists and entrepreneurs.

Phu Tho Province has formed large high-quality rice areas, cultivating high-quality rice varieties that bring about higher value compared with common rice varieties from VND5-10 million per ha.

Commodity-orientated quality rice development is viewed as a good option for provinces in the northern highlands, considering favorable local ecology for the development of quality rice varieties, said Deputy Director of the Department of Crops Production Tran Xuan Dinh.

According to Tran Xuan Dinh, a regional quality rice farming plan should be devised based on local characteristics and infrastructure investment. In addition, investment in research, selection, and import of quality rice varieties with high yield, good quality, pest and disease resistant characteristics suitable to local conditions. Local rice specialties should be developed toward commercialization. Quality rice market expansion and trade promotion should receive more support.

The domestic quality rice market, especially in urban areas with people with high incomes, should be further developed while more incentives for rice enterprises should be offered in terms of loans for forming material area, rice buying, preservation, processing and branding.

Nguyen Hanh

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