High hopes for logistics development

16:10 | 18/03/2017 Economy- Society

(VEN) - A government decision issued on February 14 details an action plan to develop the competitiveness of logistics services. Ngoc Quynh of Vietnam Economic News spoke with Vietnam Logistics Association (VLA) President Le Duy Hiep about implementation  of this plan.  

Could you share your opinion, as well as the views of VLA member companies, about the government’s action plan to enhance the competitiveness of logistics services?

The executive board and member companies of VLA greatly appreciate this action plan, which was prepared by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and has been approved by the prime minister. The plan reflects the awareness of the government and relevant ministries and sectors of the important role of logistics services in the economy, and their willingness to promote this sector to meet new requirements of international integration. VLA was very happy to contribute to the construction of this action plan.

The action plan aims to turn Vietnam into a logistics hub of the region, improve the quality of services, reduce costs, and enhance competitiveness so that Vietnam can export logistics services in the future. Do you think these objectives are too ambitious compared with the capability of the domestic logistics sector?

The Vietnamese logistics sector has a low starting point. In recent years, the diversity and quality of domestic logistics services have improved thanks to the sector’s efforts, as well as Vietnam’s integration into the global economy and its market opening policy. However, the competitiveness of the sector remains weak, especially in the context of economic globalization and trade liberalization. Appropriate policies and solutions are required to develop the sector.

The global logistics sector has shown great progress in technology, service quality and diversity. Today, logistics services are present in all aspects of socioeconomic life. In the era of globalization, I think the objectives of the action plan are not ambitious, and efforts to develop the logistics sector will contribute to enhancing the competitiveness of Vietnamese goods in the regional and global markets.

Successful implementation of the action plan requires strong determination and great efforts of all parties concerned to take effective measures at both macro and business levels.

Could you tell us the schedule of the VLA and its member companies to implement the government plan?

To successfully implement this action plan, VLA will bring into play its role as a common house for all logistics companies to develop.

The association will participate in making plans to develop logistics centers and promoting logistics services in localities and key economic zones. At the same time, it will provide training for human resources in the logistics sector through its member units or in association with universities.

Furthermore, VLA will tighten its relations with the business communities and logistics associations of other ASEAN countries, looking towards modernizing and professionalizing Vietnamese logistics services.

Six measures to develop and enhance the competitiveness of Vietnamese logistics services:

- Improving policies and regulations related to logistics services;

- Enhancing infrastructure capacity;

- Improving business capability and the quality of logistics services;

- Promoting market development;

- Training to enhance the awareness and quality of human resources;

- Other measures.

Ngoc Quynh