Hi-tech FDI capital continues to pour into Dong Nai

14:33 | 22/07/2018 Economy

The Southern province of Dong Nai had attracted 120 FDI projects with a total registered capital of nearly US$978 million as of July 18 this year, reaching 97% of the year's plan, and including a number of projects with a high content of science and technology and environmental friendliness.

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According to the provincial Department of Planning and Investment, 66 out of 120 FDI projects are newly licensed projects with a total registered capital exceeding US$474 million, while the remaining 54 projects are existing projects which have expanded their capital by a total of US$504 million.

During the January-July period, new FDI projects focused on industrial zones of Nhon Trach, Giang Dien, Loc An-Binh Son, and Long Duc which covered a wide range of sectors in accordance with the province's investment attraction policy, according to the Management Board of Dong Nai's Industrial Zones.

Among newly licensed projects, 32 covered investments in the support industry, accounting for nearly 50 percent of the total number of newly approved projects and the other projects comprised investments in the areas of the chemicals industry, industrial materials, the plastics industry, and real estate.

The provincial Department of Planning and Investment said that the province has so far approved 1,820 FDI projects with a total investment of US$32.8 billion, including 1,339 valid projects with a total investment of US$27.73 billion.

Foreign investors in Dong Nai come from 45 countries and territories with the Republic of Korea, Taiwan (China) and Japan accounting for the most active investors.

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