HGS: All for flight safety

09:07 | 06/11/2017 Companies

(VEN) - The demand for traveling by air has grown in recent years. To improve service quality and facilitate the completion of airport procedures, the Hanoi Ground Services Joint Stock Company (HGS) has paid great attention to developing its human resources and promoted their creativity at work, hoping to become a reputable ground service provider of the Vietnamese aviation sector.

hgs all for flight safety
Check-in services

The Noi Bai International Airport often gets busier during summer with VietJet Air check-in counters working at their full capacity to serve long queues of passengers. HGS always gives priority to old people and those who have small children, leaving a good impression on passengers.

“HGS is aware that ensuring flight safety and improving service quality is crucial to the company’s sustainable development. Safety and security are the most important factors in the aviation sector. Along with ensuring safety, we have made nonstop efforts to improve our service quality. All members of our staff have been trained and encouraged to bring into play their creativity at work. We highly appreciate customer opinions and believe they will help us further improve our service quality,” HGS Deputy General Director Vu Trung Thanh told Vietnam Economic News’ reporters.

HGS has undergone 10 years of development since it was established in July 2007. From a small-sized business with about 60 employees and poor equipment, it has now grown up with nearly 900 employees and adequate equipment. In the past, the company provided ground services for an average 2,600 flights annually, and this increased to 23,132 flights in 2016.

hgs all for flight safety

All services provided by HGS are compliant with standards set by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam, as well as specific requirements of airline firms. With its existing human resources and facilities, HGS is confident of its capability to meet customer demand of all types, even the most demanding customers.

In June 2015, HGS began to operate in the form of a joint stock company. This marked a milestone in its development process. Over the past more than two years, the company has shown its activity and creativity through investment in improving its equipment and human resource development. The provision of the most comprehensive ground services for international and domestic airline firms using the Noi Bai International Airport has improved HGS’ reputation. In 2016, the number of flights using HGS’ ground services grew 26.9 percent compared with 2015, and its revenue was 14.2 percent above its annual projection.

To become a professional ground service provider, HGS has invested in improving its facilities and human resources. The company has purchased modern equipment (vehicle mounted ladders, conveyor belt vehicles, aircraft tugs, pushback tugs, aircraft power supply vehicles and other specialized equipment) from famous manufacturers, such as Trepel, TLD, Toyota and Douglas. It is investing an additional VND80 billion to purchase new equipment. Notably, HGS has invested VND22 billion in a maintenance and repair station located west of Noi Bai International Airport’s Terminal 2. With its construction commenced in October 2016 and completed in August 2017, the station has been put into operation, enhancing HGS’ service capacity.

HGS has also built a safety, security and quality management system (SSQMS) that enables the company to comply with IATA’s Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO), and received IATA’s certificate for this. The compliance with ISAGO’s standards has enabled HGS to improve its management system and enhanced each staff member’s awareness about flight safety.

HGS has been certified by the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam as meeting aviation security regulations under Vietnamese law. The company has received an RA3 certificate for meeting security requirements for the transportation of goods to EU countries. In 2017, HGS continues to improve its safety, security and quality management system, along with getting updated on IATA’s ISAGO standards and upgrading its ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

HGS is targeting an 8.6 percent increase in the number of flights using its ground services in 2017 and an 8.3 percent increase in its annual revenue compared with 2016.

Hong Ha