Hexagon MI to become leading provider in Vietnam

10:23 | 06/06/2016 Companies

(VEN) - Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence (Hexagon MI) Managing Director Taveesak Srisuntisuk said that with market share of around 35-40 percent, the company is expected to become the leading equipment provider in Vietnam in the coming time.

Hexagon MI to become leading provider in Vietnam

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Managing Director Taveesak Srisuntisuk

Hexagon MI has increased their presence in the Vietnamese market after nearly 10 years with three representative offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Da Nang. Thanks to persified products, the company has met the highest requirements in terms of measurement and laser tracker systems in industrial production in the world. In addition, the company has also provided maintenance contracts and paid special attention to the automotive market, software technologies and the oil and gas sector.

Hexagon MI has been available in Vietnam through Hexagon Metrology Singapore since 2008. Taveesak Srisuntisuk said that Hexagon MI has become an important equipment provider for Samsung, Honda, Mitsubishi, Vietnamese manufacturers and labs in research institutes.

He also said that Vietnam is offering many opportunities for Hexagon MI thanks to a new investment wave pouring into the market. It is also an opportunity for Vietnam’s support industries to develop high-quality products.

Vietnam has the most promising growth despite young in support industries and the automotive industry. Investors have seen Vietnam as an attractive destination in ASEAN due to the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community and the participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

However Taveesak Srisuntisuk said that Vietnam’s industrial sectors remained inexperienced compared to other nations in the region. Vietnamese businesses have not promoted the application of high-technology into production or have not proved its efficiency in practice. Therefore, Hexagon MI’s development strategy is to not only focus on selling products but also provide complete services for customers in order to become the leading equipment supplier in Vietnam in the industrial sector. To complete the target, Hexagon MI has strengthened investment in human resource development, services and sources of supply.

Addressing the Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2016 organized in Hanoi by Thailand’s Reed Tradex Company Limited, Hexagon MI had a booth to display persified products. The participation in the Vietnam Manufacturing Expo has helped the company attract more customers. With the role as a technology provider, Hexagon MI expects to expand the market in Vietnam and in the region. 


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