Herbalife Vietnam organizes eWellness Tour to raise awareness on key nutrition issues

14:55 | 01/12/2020 Companies

Premier global nutrition company, Herbalife Nutrition, organized its eWellness Tour in Vietnam as part of the Get moving with good nutrition campaign, which aims to encourage good nutrition and lifestyle habits among various communities in the country.

The eTour event focus on the topic of “Nutrition and non-communicable diseases” and feature speakers like Dr David Heber, Chairman of Herbalife Nutrition Institute, Ph.D Louis Ignarro, Nobel Laureate In Medicine, Member of Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board and Herbalife Nutrition Institute, Ph.D, Professor Le Thi Huong, Head of Nutrition and Food Safety Section, Hanoi Medical University and Ph.D Ha Anh Duc, Vice President of Vietnam Young Medical Practitioners.

herbalife vietnam organizes ewellness tour to raise awareness on key nutrition issues
Ph.D Louis Ignarro, Nobel Laureate In Medicine, Member of Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board and Herbalife Nutrition Institute

The topics of discussion during the eTour also touch on the results of the Herbalife Nutrition Myths Survey 2020, which finds 98% of healthcare professionals (HCPs) in Vietnam acknowledging the importance of nutrition advice, and 98% of HCPs in Vietnam viewing balanced nutrition as “extremely important” or “very important”. Nearly three out of four HCPs in Vietnam view HCPs as holding the most responsibility in nutrition education. There was also a clear indication (close to 80%) that HCPs call for nutrition companies to play a larger role in disseminating nutritional knowledge to the public.

“The findings reinforce our commitment to collaborate with nutrition experts on nutrition education for the public via platforms like the Herbalife Nutrition Asia Pacific eWellness Tour, where we share and exchange science-backed nutritional knowledge through industry forums and talks, and support other nutrition-related initiatives in the community. By way of this survey, we were able to identify the prevalent nutrition myths in Vietnam which are useful insights for HCPs when it comes to providing better nutrition advice to their patients”, Vu Van Thang, General Manager for Herbalife Vietnam and Cambodia said.

“We are also looking forward to continuing to work closely with Government stakeholders and HCPs to roll out joint initiatives on public nutrition education and training as we believe nutrition knowledge is one of the key elements enabling people to achieve optimal health results in the long run”, Thang added.