Herbalife supports Let’s Exercise for a Healthy and Happy Vietnam campaign

15:01 | 11/11/2021 Society

Premier nutrition company Herbalife Vietnam announced its partnership with the General Department of Sports and Physical Training and the Vietnam Olympic Committee to launch the  Let’s Exercise for a Healthy and Happy Vietnam campaign with the objective of encouraging people to exercise regularly to stay healthier.

To inspire the general public to exercise on a daily basis, the campaign will convey the message of a fun and healthy life through social and mass media, first to young people and then to the wider community. The fun and healthy life message includes five elements: Exercise regularly - Build habits to exercise often in any context; Exercise enough - Exercise twice a day at most, from 30 to 60 minutes at a time; Exercise based on science - Exercise in harmony with one’s health status; try 12 exercises from the Vietnam General Department of Sports; Exercise at the right time: Exercise at least 30 minutes prior to or after meals; Exercise together- Encourage relatives or friends to follow suit.

herbalife supports lets exercise for a healthy and happy vietnam campaign

Vu Van Thang, General Manager for Herbalife Vietnam and Cambodia, said, "We hope that, through this campaign, we can help raise the general public’s awareness, especially among millennials and Gen Z, of the importance of regular physical exercise, building a mindset of living active lives for more people in the long run.”

Ms. Le Thi Hoang Yen, Deputy Director of the General Department of Sports and Physical Training, said, “Herbalife Vietnam has been a supporter of Vietnam sports over the past ten years in various sports events and nutrition training programs to help improve Vietnam top athletes’ sports performance, as well as promoting active lives in the community. We always highly appreciate Herbalife Vietnam’s support for Vietnam sports and are happy to have the company’s continued partnership in this meaningful campaign. It is not difficult and will not take much time to exercise daily, while this healthy habit will bring lots of health benefits for the community both now and in the long. We hope the program will receive strong support and participation from organizations and individuals nationwide.”

The campaign is expected to be rolled out in three main phases from October 2021 until the end of 2022.

Phase 1 of the campaign will last from October to December 2021 with the message: Let’s exercise for a healhy and happy Vietnam with the objective of motivating people to build exercise habits. The project will kick off with a series of key images and infographics to introduce the "5T Happy and Healthy Lifestyle." Right after that, the music video "Let's Go Around Vietnam", with fun rhythms and choreography of daily exercises for individuals and families from all corners of the country to follow and practice at home, will be spread on social media channels such as Facebook and TikTok. And this will be followed by a series of challenges such as "Dance to the Music Challenge", "21-Day Challenge to Create a Fitness Habit" and sports under the theme of “Our Communities Exercise Together", with varied activities for different groups.

The second phase will follow, under the theme of Let’s exercise, for an active sportive Tet to further promote a fun and healthy life through active lifestyles combined with balanced nutrition during the festive seasons from January to Febuary 2022.

The third phase will run from April to December 2022 under the theme Healthy Me, Healthy You, Healthy Vietnam to sustain and expand habits of regular exercise to people nationwide after six months of building good foundations for leading healthy active lifestyles.

The Let’s Exercise for a Healthy and Happy Vietnam campaign is expected to welcome the participation of several top athletes and famous artists.