Helmets for Kids provides 500 helmets to primary school students in Binh Xuyen District

20:19 | 24/10/2018 Society

October 24, Helmets for Kids gave 500 helmets to students during a helmet handover ceremony at Ba Hien B primary school in Binh Xuyen District, Vinh Phuc Province.

helmets for kids provides 500 helmets to primary school students in binh xuyen district

This is the first time Helmets for Kids has been implemented inVinh Phuc Province through the support of Vietnam Garment Manufacturing Limited - TAL Apparel (VNG), whose factory is located in Binh Xuyen District.

"As a company operating in Binh Xuyen District, we would like to contribute to the communityhere. Many of our employees have children who attend Ba Hien B primary school. We look forward to bringing practical benefits to students who are future owners to contribute to the development of Vinh Phuc Province” said Kevin Zheng, Managing Director of VNG.

After conducting a pre-implementation survey, AIP Foundationfound that only 2% of students wear helmets regularly. This low rate, combined with the complex traffic situation around the school, puts the students at high risk. Helmets for Kids provides road safety knowledge and raises awareness among teachers and students about helmet usage. From this event, students, parents, and teachers will be better equipped and protected on the roads and will be able to influence those around them to wear helmets.

“The importance of giving children these vital resources and education at an early age is not to be understated,” said Hoang Van Hoan, Chief of the secretariat of Vinh Phuc TSC. “Knowledge of proper helmet use and teachers who reinforce these lessons and behavior will save lives and prevent tragedies.”

Greig Craft, President of AIP Foundation, noted, “Many parents did not have prior knowledge of the fundamental benefits of wearing a helmet while on a motorcycle or even the resources to provide a helmetfor their child to begin with. Now that Helmets for Kids is in place at Ba Hien B primary school, parentswill receive these educational resources while their children also receive road safety knowledge and the life-saving tools they need.”