Helmets for kids ceremony marks new partnership between U.S government and AIP

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(VEN) - A child motorcycle helmet donation ceremony took place in Hanoi on May 27 on the occasion of the US Assistant Secretary of State Charles H. Rivkin’s visit. Coorganized by the AIG Vietnam Insurance Company, this is the first event to take place under the new partnership between AIP Foundation and the US Department of State and is one of many that support the 20th anniversary of normalized diplomatic relations between the US and Vietnam.

Helmets for kids ceremony marks new partnership between U.S government and AIP

Under the partnership, AIP Foundation will work with US corporate sponsors to organize events and helmet donations for at-risk schools supporting the pre-existing Helmets for Kids program. The partnership aims to provide road safety education and helmets to 25,000 children across Vietnam.

In 2000, former President Bill Clinton launched Helmets for Kids in Ho Chi Minh City. Fifteen years ago at the 20 October Kindergarten, the location of the May 27 ceremony, then-Senator John Kerry launched the program in Hanoi.

Assistant Secretary of State Rivkin participated in a symbolic helmet handover at the event that represents the US -Vietnam shared vision of a safer future for its children. Helmets were distributed to all 671 students and teachers. Distinguished guests included AIG CEO Susan Loftus; Deputy Executive Chairman of Vietnam’s National Traffic Safety Committee (NTSC) Dr. Khuat Viet Hung; President of AIP Foundation Greig Craft; and members of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham). Representatives from the Ministry of Education and Training, Ministry of Public Security, Hanoi’s Department of Education and Training (DoET), and Traffic Safety Committee were also among distinguished guests.

“Today we witness two governments jointly addressing their concerns for children’s safety,” said Greig Craft, President of AIP Foundation. “Road deaths are preventable. The 20th anniversary of US-Vietnam diplomatic relations is an opportunity to highlight-and tackle-these issues across the two nations.”

 “While traveling on roads, children are extremely vulnerable and need protection most. The National Traffic Safety Committee strongly affirms that it’s necessary to put helmets on children when riding on a motorbike. Support from the US Department of State, the US Embassy Hanoi, and American companies to Vietnam’s National Action Plan for Child Helmet Use launched by NTSC this year demonstrates their commitment to protecting and taking care of children, and helps us reach our development goals,”  said Dr. Khuat Viet Hung, Vice Executive Chairman of NTSC.

AIG is the first company to provide corporate support under the new partnership. AIG provided support for the ceremony today alongside donating hundreds of helmets to 20 October Kindergarten. AIG also sponsored the Helmets for Kids program at the Trung Vuong Primary School in Hanoi during the 2014-2015 school year, donating nearly 2,000 helmets to students and teachers. The helmet donation program is part of AIG’s global initiative to “Make the World a Safer Place./.”

By Ngoc Mai



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