Helmets for Kids celebrates 7 years of implementation, holds kick-off ceremony in Thai Nguyen province

09:09 | 25/09/2018 Economy- Society

(VEN) - September 24, to celebrate seven years of strong partnership between AIP Foundation and Johnson & Johnson, and in response to the call for “Traffic Safety for Children” from National Traffic Safety Committee this year, AIP Foundation collaborated with Thai Nguyen Traffic Safety Committee (TSC) to organize a kick-off event at Hoa Thuong 1 Primary School.

helmets for kids celebrates 7 years of implementation holds kick off ceremony in thai nguyen province

After six successful program years, Johnson & Johnson will continue to support Helmets for Kids in Gia Lai, Yen Bai and Quang Nam, and will begin work in Thai Nguyen for the first time in 2018. The total number of donated helmets is 5,075 towards 31 schools across Vietnam.

The kick-off ceremony was held in Hoa Thuong 1 primary school, Dong Hy Commune, Thai Nguyen with the attendance from representatives of four program schools, national and provincial government representatives and the media. During the helmet handover ceremony, students from Hoa Thuong 1 Primary School were given instructions on the three ways to correctly wear a helmet by AIP Foundation staff and Johnson & Johnson representatives on stage.

“We are happy to see the long-term commitment and impact from Johnson & Johnson’s Helmets for Kids program and local partners. The program embraces such a meaningful message, through which we hope to raise awareness of helmet use and basic road safety knowledge in primary schools. By expanding the program towards Thai Nguyen this year, along with various teacher training workshops, “Helmets for Kids” program expresses its concern not only about helmet standard quality but also Vietnam’s next generation”, said Mrs. Trinh Thu Ha, Deputy Chief of Secretariat for National Traffic Safety Committee.

helmets for kids celebrates 7 years of implementation holds kick off ceremony in thai nguyen province

“Johnson & Johnson is proud to cooperate with AIP Foundation and the Vietnamese government to implement the 7th year of Helmets for Kids. This is one of our community activities and we look forwards to have more meaningful activities to support child traffic safety in Vietnam” said Mr. Nguyen Quang Trung, Director of External Relations and Community Program Coordinator of Johnson & Johnson Vietnam Co. Ltd.

Earlier this year, three orientation and teacher training workshops were held from 18 May to 6 June 2018. During the workshops, teachers and parents were provided with road safety instructions and correct helmet use. After the major ceremony in Hoa Thuong 1 Primary School, 10 smaller helmet handover ceremonies followed by extracurricular activities for the program are set to take place in Yen Bai, Thai Nguyen and Gia Lai.

“AIP Foundation has been trying our best to bring high-quality helmets and useful road safety knowledge for Vietnamese children. Danger can appear anywhere, anytime, and child fatality rate during road crash keeps increasing. With the long-term commitment from Johnson & Johnson, we hope to expand this meaningful project in order to create a safer road to school for children. Helmets are a necessary tool to, protect children from potential threats when they travel on the road” said Hoang Na Huong, Deputy CEO of AIP Foundation.