Heineken Vietnam continues to support a clean water project in Quang Nam

09:13 | 17/10/2019 Companies

(VEN) - Heineken Vietnam in collaboration with the People’s Committee of Hiệp Hòa commune, Hiệp Đức District, Quảng Nam Province, held the official groundbreaking ceremony for a water station in Trà Linh Tây village, Hiệp Hòa commune, Hiệp Đức District, Quang Nam province.

This is the 25th water supply project that Heineken Vietnam has sponsored across the country to support communities in need of access to clean water, with a value of VND 400 million.

Trà Linh Tây village, Hiệp Hòa commune is a remote area in the mountain where most of residents live in poverty. This area often faces water shortage due to heavy droughts. Local people have to travel very far to get water and hand carry the water back to their village.

This water project provides a water station and a 1,000-meter distribution pipeline system to help the local residents in Trà Linh Tây village to easily access safe and reliable water source for their daily use.

Mr. Lương Phước Nghĩa, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Hiệp Hòa commune said: “This is a critical project because the community in Hiệp Hòa commune urgently needs access to safe and reliable water source. It will improve the community public infrastructure and living conditions for the local people in the long term. We highly appreciate Heineken Vietnam for sponsoring this project and we look forward to its completion soon".

As part of Heineken Vietnam’s “1 Minute Less for 1 Million Smiles” program that first started in 2012, this project provides access to clean water to the communities in need as well as aims to raise public awareness on conserving water resources. In the near future, Heineken Vietnam will also train and coach farmers and local residents in remote and mountainous areas on proper use and disposal of fertilizers and waste treatment in daily agricultural production.

“Water is an essential resource and we believe everyone should have reliable access to clean and safe water,” said Matt Wilson, Corporate Affairs Director of Heineken Vietnam. “Growing with Communities and Protecting Water Resources are two of six focus areas in which Heineken Vietnam wants to create a big difference for the local community. Thi Heineken s is the fifth clean water station that we have sponsored in Quang Nam province and we are glad to receive strong support from the People’s Committee of Quang Nam for this project. We also have worked closely together with the local authorities here to implement other charity activities such as our annual Warm Spring program.”

Minh Ky