HCMC encourages innovation in rural enterprises

09:00 | 12/08/2021 Industry

(VEN) - Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC)’s industry and trade sector has mobilized a variety of capital sources in order to support industrial promotion programs and production innovation in rural industrial enterprises.

hcmc encourages innovation in rural enterprises

Priority is being given to innovation in rural industrial enterprises

Ho Chi Minh City currently has 17,681 manufacturers and business households spanning a wide variety of production from seafood and agricultural processing, through handicrafts and mechanical engineering. The city’s advantageous products are also varied, ranging from bird's nests, dried fish and honey to precision mechanics and supporting industry products. According to the city’s Department of Industry and Trade, supporting industry products are mainly produced in using low tech, resulting in poor productivity, quality and designs. In addition, the link between production and consumption remains loose and the locally made products are mostly sold in the city and its environs.

In a bid to upgrade production, the department is supporting innovation for rural industrial enterprises. From 2016 to 2020, seven local production establishments received funding to invest in advanced machinery and equipment, improving production efficiency, product quality and environmental protection.

Honey and bird’s nest

In the 2021-2025 period, the city’s industry promotion program will focus on developing typical agricultural products of five districts including honey (Binh Chanh District); processing bird's nest, coconut honey, brackish water shrimp (Can Gio District); starchy products, cow's milk products (Cu Chi District); precision mechanics and support industries (Nha Be District); dried agricultural products (Hoc Mon District), along with the development of some traditional handicrafts such as Thai My wicker products, Tan Thong Hoi bamboo blinds (Cu Chi District), Xuan Thoi Son basket weaving products (Hoc Mon District).

Some 20 clean production technical demonstration/pilot models will be implemented; 30 rural industrial establishments are approved to apply advanced machinery and equipment to develop typical and traditional products of the five districts. The city will also help production units participate in trade fairs, exhibitions and other trade promotion activities to expand markets for their products.

One of the key solutions that the city’s Department of Industry and Trade will adopt is to diversify funding sources from domestic and foreign resources to ensure the effectiveness of the programs on industrial handicrafts production and industrial promotion services with total estimated funding of VND44.64 billion.

The city will also implement the industry promotion programs synchronously with other support programs on land investment incentives, credit and especially digital transformation, facilitating the access of rural industrial establishments to digital economic development opportunities.

The estimated funding for industry promotion programs in the 2021-2025 period is more than six times higher than in the previous period, which reflects the city’s efforts to ensure the effectiveness of the projects.

Hai Linh