HCMC continues to improve one-stop mechanism

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(VEN) - Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) is promoting the application of information technology to establish an electronic working environment, and continue to improve one-stop and inter-agency one-stop mechanisms to increase the quality and efficiency of state administration.

HCMC continues to improve one-stop mechanism

According to reports by the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee, the one-stop mechanism continued to be implemented consistently in 2014. So far, all departments, sectors, districts, communes and towns have adopted the one-stop mechanism to resolve administrative procedures for inpiduals, organizations and businesses in the city. These administration works were resolved mainly in fields of economics; labor; construction; land; records relating to births, marriage and death; and medical healthcare.
A year after the implementation of the joint regulation on performing administrative procedures in areas of records relating to births, marriage and death; medical insurance; and residency registration and management in the city, 100 percent of communes and towns have applied the inter-agency one-stop mechanism to handle with 72,505 dossiers, including 43,779 dossiers for birth registration, providing medical insurance cards and entering permanent residence; and 22,669 others for birth registration and providing medical insurance cards.
The inter-agency one-stop mechanism continued to be implemented in departments and sectors of the city, including the city’s Department of Natural Resources and Environment and other agencies to deal with land use/lease dossiers; between the HCMC Department of Transportation and the Urban Traffic Management Zone and the Inland Waterway Port Authority to issue licenses for digging roads and operations in the inland waterway; between the city’s Department of Information and Communication and the Customs Department to grant import licenses of non-business publications; and the Department of Culture, Sports and relevant agencies to grant licenses for advertisements.
Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee Le Manh Ha said the city has planned to establish IT application in governmental bodies to make breakthroughs in the administration reform in the city this year. Under this plan, city districts will officially operate an electronic ISO system in areas such as business registration, culture, labor, medical care, construction licensing, and natural resources and environment. The city’s departments and sectors will also implement the system in correlative departments and agencies. Ho Chi Minh City will also implement e-office facilities at the city people’s committee which will be connected to relevant districts, departments and sectors; and carry out online meetings in these governmental bodies via a television conference system to minimize costs and time.
As for online public services, Ho Chi Minh City provides modern, convenient and high quality online public services such as granting licenses at home or providing dossiers to people/enterprises via SMS and emails. People and enterprises will register and follow instructions to complete their dossiers via the internet without having to visit agencies.

In addition, the city will continue to check administrative regulations and procedures in terms of necessity, reasonableness, legality and effectiveness to appeal to authorities at higher levels for an improved legal system which meets the requirements of the administrative reform and facilitate the observation of the administrative procedures by inpiduals and organizations.         

                                                                                                                                                                           By Ngoc Thuy                             

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