HCM City hosts concert to celebrate ASEAN Community

11:31 | 04/01/2016 Society

A concert was held at Park 23/9 in Ho Chi Minh City on December 30 to celebrate the birth of ASEAN Community on December 31, 2015, featuring artists from Vietnam and other ASEAN nations.

HCM City hosts concert to celebrate ASEAN Community

A performance of the concert to celebrate birth of ASEAN Community (Source: VNA)

In her opening remarks, Vice Chairman of the city’s People Committee Nguyen Thi Thu highlighted the significance of the establishment of the ASEAN Community to the region and each ASEAN member state.

It marks a milestone in ASEAN’s five-decade history as well as a new chapter of the grouping’s development, Thu said, adding that the bloc is becoming a regional intergovernmental cooperation organisation.

Ho Chi Minh City is proud to have contributed to its success. As a socio-economic hub of Vietnam, the city has well implemented bilateral and multilateral cooperation programmes with other ASEAN nations and further expanded ties with their regional peers, she stated.

During the concert, the artists took to the stage distinctive performances of their countries, notably Laos’ Mahaxay and Malaysia’s Joget folk dances./.


Source: VNA

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