Hau Giang Province sets practical industry, trade promotion targets

13:30 | 11/10/2021 Economy

(VEN) -  The industry and trade promotion center of Hau Giang Province is implementing industry and trade promotion projects on a flexible basis and in accordance with the province’s target of fulfilling its 2021 tasks ahead of schedule.

A report by the industry and trade promotion center of Hau Giang Province showed that the center completed its tasks for the first half of 2021. Specifically, in coordination with other units, the center implemented a project for origin traceability of provincial agricultural and aquatic products, and successfully held a Vietnamese goods fair with 20 stalls introducing a variety of quality and reasonably priced products in Nga Bay City.

hau giang province sets practical industry trade promotion targets
From now to 2025, Hau Giang will apply origin traceability to its key farm produce and seafood products

The center supported and tested three machinery and equipment application projects in rural industrial establishments, and realized a provincial-level 2021 plan for selection and honoring of outstanding rural industrial products. Thirty-two establishments registered to join the competition with 40 products.

Both industry and trade promotion activities have been practical and efficient in helping businesses develop production and trading, although the Covid-19 pandemic has slowed or halted a number of industry and trade promotion projects in the Mekong Delta province.

Agreement on the location of power poles and stations, grid corridors and licensing of medium-voltage power works in Hau Giang province still take a long time, making it difficult for the center to reach its targets in the remaining months of the year.

Nonetheless, the center is expected to accomplish the national industry promotion plan before November 31 and will try to complete approved local industry promotion projects and plans. Realization of the 2021 plan for selection and honoring of outstanding provincial rural industrial products is expected to be completed in October, and the plan for rural industrial establishments to participate in trade fairs is expected to be implemented in the third and fourth quarters.

A conference reviewing the 2015-2020 industry promotion program is expected to be held in the fourth quarter, while handling of procedures on location of power poles and stations, grid corridors and power project construction licensing will soon be made part of the one-stop policy of the provincial people's committee.

The center proposed that the province open meetings to help enterprises find markets and improve business efficiency.

A budget of VND4.74 billion has been approved for industry and trade promotion in Hau Giang Province in 2021. This funding is designed mainly to help rural industrial businesses maintain production stability and increase sales.

Hai Linh