Hanwha Life Vietnam launches new cancer care products

14:48 | 05/03/2019 Companies

Hanwha Life Vietnam recently unveiled its new insurance products duo Hanwha Life – Your companion and Hanwha Life – Your Companion (Sharing - Resilience), two standalone cancer protection products that firstly the company developed and introduced to local market.

The products help consumers easily approach cancer insurance with simple procedures, reasonable price and ensure finance security when confronting with cancer, the most dangerous and costly disease.

The products offer customers a pro-active finance plan for cancer fighting when Hanwha Life Vietnam commits to protect customers at any stage of cancer on any organ, provides simplified and guaranteed underwriting with only three questions and flexibility in protection terms from 3; 5; 7 or 10 years.

Mr. Back Jong Kook, CEO cum Chairman of Member Council of Hanwha Life Vietnam, shared his thoughts that in recent years, Vietnam is facing with cancer, most cancer patients are found in the late stage that leads to difficult treatment and high expenditure. Understanding the concern of customers, Hanwha Life Vietnam wants Hanwha Life - Companions not only help customers easily access insurance products but also support finance and share the spirit with customers overcoming the difficult period in life.

Hanwha Life Vietnam is a life insurance firm offering a diverse portfolio of products that provide multi-layer protection and are customized to cater to consumers’ various needs. In 2018 alone, Hanwha Life Vietnam spent VND125 billion in insurance claims to its local customers. With robust investment strategies that are closely connected to the local market, in July 2018, Hanwha Life Vietnam increased its charter capital from VND 1,891 billion to VND 4,891 billion to become one of the most well-funded life insurance companies in Vietnam.