Hanoi’s health sector expands international cooperation

18:00 | 25/06/2020 Cooperation

(VEN) - Hanoi’s successful handling of the Covid-19 pandemic has directed a spotlight at its health sector’s international cooperation in recent years.

hanois health sector expands international cooperation

The Saint Paul General Hospital is the first beneficiary of the project on strengthening clinical training of newly graduated nurses

In order to meet healthcare requirements, Hanoi has expanded international cooperation in the health sector, especially in enhancing professional knowledge, strengthening human resource training, conducting scientific research and developing emergency response.

The Hanoi Department of Health coordinated with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) on a project strengthening clinical training of newly graduated nurses, with the Saint Paul General Hospital being the first beneficiary, followed by the Thanh Nhan, Duc Giang and Ha Dong general hospitals.

The department also cooperated with French health experts to promote technology transfer and strengthen training of high-quality human resources for local medical units, while supporting the Hanoi High-tech and Digestive Center.

The Hanoi People’s Committee and the Partners Healthcare International (PHI), one of the world’s leading medical groups, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on cooperation in launching a modern and quality medical system in Hanoi. They also discussed planning for Hanoi’s healthcare system, utilization of clinical services, enhancement of community-based medical education, hospital management and building of an international-standard general hospital in the capital city.

The Hanoi Department of Health and the Republic of Korea’s Gyeonggi-do Department of Health and Welfare also signed a MoU on expanding cooperation in health worker training. Hanoi annually sends dozens of doctors to Gyeonggi-do to study plastic, orthopedic, chiropractic, cardiothoracic and lumbar decompression surgery, as well as obstetrics.

The department and the Assistance Publique - Hôpitaux de Paris (APHP) signed a framework cooperation agreement that includes the SAMU emergency system, prenatal diagnosis, health system planning, hospital management and operation, treatment of cardiovascular disease and rehabilitation.

In addition, the department signed a MoU on cooperation with Newborns to develop a pilot newborn network in Hanoi, aiming to provide effective, safe and high-quality services for all newborns, reduce infant mortality and minimize the incidence of premature babies and disease.

Hanoi Department of Health Director Nguyen Khac Hien said international cooperation has helped the local health sector reach outstanding achievements. He added that Hanoi would continue to strengthen international cooperation in building strategies and overall plans to develop the local health sector. That includes investing in modern medical establishments; forming high-tech centers; promoting information technology application in the health sector; developing the SAMU emergency system; enhancing professional knowledge and ensuring the supply of high-quality medical services; organizing training courses for health workers at home and abroad; and improving health workers’ language skills.

Hieu Nguyen