Hanoi’s craft villages promote technological application

12:21 | 30/09/2018 Industry

(VEN) - Technological application to renovate production and increase competitiveness is necessary for craft villages during the fourth industrial revolution.

hanois craft villages promote technological application

Hanoi has more than 1,300 craft villages, accounting for 45 percent of the nation’s total number. Of which, 286 have been recognized as traditional villages, such as lacquer, mosaic, pottery, bamboo and rattan weaving, and embroidery. The products made by Hanoi’s craft villages have affirmed their positions in the market, and have been exported to countries in the world.

However, the application of science and technology to further enhance the position in the market and improve product quality is mentioned as necessary.

According to the Industry Promotion and Development Consultancy Center under the Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade, with the encouragement and support of the city, as well as ministries and departments, craft villages have strengthened scientific and technological application to renovate production. Among them are Quang Nguyen toothpick-making village in Ung Hoa District, with the application of new technologies to dry materials; Y La, La Duong, La Noi and La Phu wool weaving villages in Hoai Duc District, with automatic production lines; and Van Phuc silk village in Ha Dong, which has improved its production technology to meet the market demand in terms of quality and design.

The application of scientific and technological advances into production has brought positive signal. However, the rate is still low due to limited financial capacity.

Hanoi targets to achieve the proportion of handicraft production of 8.5 percent of total industrial and handicraft production value of the city by 2020; handle environmental pollution for 50 craft villages, which are seriously polluted; improve infrastructure for 50 craft villages; and create jobs with an average income of VND35-40 million per year per person. To complete the goals, Hanoi’s craft villages need to synchronously deploy solutions, with a focus on promoting the application of scientific and technological advances into production.

Hanoi also has specific plans to support craft villages. Accordingly, the city will promote connection with research institutes and universities to conduct technology transfer, strengthen financial support, organize training courses, and expand production ground in order to create favorable conditions for the development of craft villages.

The application of scientific and technological advances into production in Hanoi’s craft villages is to create high-

quality products, increase competitiveness and further enhance the position in the market.

Hoa Quynh