Hanoi's CPI rises 0.38% in March

11:11 | 23/03/2015 Society

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) of Hanoi in March increased by 0.38% over the previous month and 0.65% over the same period in 2014 after the consecutive drops in January and February, announced Hanoi's Statistics Office.

Hanoi's CPI rises 0.38% in March

According to the municipal Statistics Office, many festivals and the full moon of the first lunar month fell in March, resulting in the price increase of food and catering services (up 0.74% against the previous month) and contributing to the CPI rise in March.

Another reason for the CPI increase was the increase in gas prices since early March, causing the price of housing, electricity, water, fuel and building materials to go up by 0.33% over February.

The rebound of petrol and oil prices since March 11 after a long decline did not create considerable impacts on the CPI in March as the price increase accounted for only four days in the period to calculate CPI in March. Thus, the average prices of petrol and oil in March went down compared to February, resulting in the 0.03% reduction in transportation compared to the previous month.
March also witnessed a sharp decrease in the price of gold, down 3.25%, and the slight increase in the price of US dollar at 0.02%.

In the last two months, Hanoi's CPI continuously went down with the CPI in February decreasing by 0.07% compared to January and CPI in January down 0.17% compared to December in 2014.

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