Hanoia hosts talk about accessories

11:12 | 11/10/2018 Society

The Vietnamese haute lacquer house Hanoia tonight will present its Culture Space No 18, regarding the magic of accessories.

Hanoia Culture Space No 18 will be about the magic of accessories

Beautiful clothing doesn’t show your own style. Sometimes, the elegance comes from accessories. Who are you? What is your style? Your choice of accessories will show the personalities hidden inside you.

Speaker Chu Kim Cúc, sales director of Openasia Group and Hermès store manager will share with the audience her knowledge and experience gained from many years working in luxury fashion.

Hanoia’s Cultural Space No 18 will start at 6pm at Hanoia Boutique, 38 Hàng Đào Street with two parts: a talk about the importance of accessories, especially handmade accessories in fashion, and advice on how to mix and match lacquer silk accessories with suitable clothing.

Theo VNS