Hanoi storms admin reform targets

08:48 | 30/10/2019 Society

(VEN) - The Public Administrative Reform index (PAR index) placed Hanoi in second place among the country’s 63 provinces and cities, but the capital city is not resting on its laurels, pushing ahead with plans to implement a comprehensive electronic administration.

hanoi storms admin reform targets

Dialogue with districts

Hanoi maintained its second place out of 63 provinces and cities throughout the country in the 2018 PAR index with a combined score of 83.98 percent. The administrative reforms enabled the success of many local target programs and attracted foreign investment resources. They have also helped save time and efforts in administrative transactions for individuals and organizations, improving the investment environment and meeting demands of local businesses and residents.

The Central Party Committee has also praised Hanoi for its reform initiatives and punishment of administrative violations. According to the committee’s statement, the city also displayed creativity by holding dialogues on administrative procedures with the participation of district leaders, to inform them of the reforms and explain their importance. Some districts have started offering free wireless internet services at their headquarters, which help boost administrative transactions.

Comprehensive e-administration goal

E-government has been widely applied in Hanoi’s administrative agencies to the satisfaction of civil servants and citizens. According to the Hanoi Department of Information and Communications, by the end of the second quarter of this year, the city’s three-level online one-door system had been applied at 22 departments and sectors; 30 districts and towns and 584 communes. Currently, 1,321 administrative procedures are available online at level 3 and level 4 (accounting for 75 percent). Transactions in electronic tax declaration and social insurance reached more than 98 percent; while online enrollment in 1st, 6th and 10th grades reached 86.5 percent.

However, online public services are still lagging behind the increasing requirements of the international integration process. To overcome this challenge, apart from improving management capacity, Hanoi has urged relevant agencies to take more drastic measures in their administrative reforms.

The city has organized the “Studying online public services” contest in the fields of justice, education and training, labor, war invalids and society to help people understand online public services and gain better access to them. The Hanoi People’s Committee also asked the Department of Education and Training to teach about pupils about online public service so that they can then inform their families. Furthermore, the city has posted short advertisements introducing online public services at level 3, level 4 both in Vietnamese and English and distributed brochures to promote them.

Hanoi identifies administrative reform as a major task of the political system, hoping that online public services will provide a focused information channel linking authorities with organizations and citizens faster, building a transparent, professional and effective administration to better serve residents and turn Hanoi into a more beautiful and prosperous city.

Hanoi has always identified administrative reform as the central task of the entire political system.

Anh Nguyet