Hanoi referee out of professional domestic leagues

17:07 | 12/05/2016 Society

Football referee Ha Anh Chien has got a permanent life ban out of professional Vietnam football leagues following serious mistakes that made headlines in recent days.

Hanoi referee out of professional domestic leagues

Referee Hà Anh Chiến (right) made a terrible, serious mistake at the game

Chiến was to be the main referee of the round 9 match between hosts FLC Thanh Hóa and Sông Lam Nghệ An on May 8. He awarded Thanh Hóa with a penalty in the 87th minute when Sông Lam Nghệ An were leading 2-1.

Faye easily scored and Thanh Hóa managed to avoid a loss.

The Sông Lam Nghệ An players and their coach Ngô Quang Trường objected, but instead of reversing his decision, the referee handed Trường a red card.

On May 9, Hồ Văn Chiêm, general director of Sông Lam Nghệ An Football Jointstock Company, and coach Trường, who represented the entire team, sent a document to the Việt Nam Football Federation (VFF) and Việt Nam Professional Football Company (VPF) calling for a life ban for Chiến.

Chiến’s decision not only cost Sông Lam Nghệ An a win, but also caused much anger among the fans, the document said.

The head of the VFF’s Referee Committee, Nguyễn Văn Mùi, called these mistakes serious. He said Chiến’s wrong decision had affected the outcome of the match.

After reviewing the situation, the VFF’s Referee Committee announced a life ban for the Hanoi referee yesterday.

Cao Văn Chóng, general director of VPF said the mistake was unacceptable, had disappointed VPF and had strongly affected the transparency of the league.

Chiến, through statements in several newspapers, admitted his mistake and sent an apology to Sông Lam Nghệ An.

“It was the end of the match and I was a little tired and standing far away from the scene. When I ran in, seeing Omar in the box, I decided it was a penalty,”  “It all happened too fast and since I had already made my decision, it was really difficult to change it. When I watched the video tape again I knew I was wrong. I am sad and regret my mistake but it is too late to do anything. I want to convey my sincere apology to Sông Lam Nghệ An and their fans. I also want to say sorry to the (referee) committee because I failed to do my duty,” Chiến said.

Chiến was previously blamed for ‘helping’ FLC Thanh Hóa beat Hoàng Anh Gia Lai 2-1 in a round 15 match last season.

During that game, the referee recognised Hoàng Đình Tùng’s goal in the 82nd minute, although the striker had touched the ball with his hand.

Source: VEN/VNS

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