Hanoi looks to develop hi-tech agriculture

14:03 | 05/05/2015 Science - Technology

Hanoi has devised a number of incentives to encourage hi-tech and sustainable agriculture development.

Hanoi looks to develop hi-tech agriculture

The city has focused on applying advanced technology in local agricultural production, such as dairy and beef cow raising; vegetable, fruits and flower cultivation; and aquaculture production. 

Projects to connect scientists, authorities, enterprises and farmers in developing fruit trees, rice and other crops has also proven effective. 

The municipal People’s Committee has approved the application of high technology in producing and preserving flowers for the 10-hectare Tay Tuu flower-growing area. 

It has also approved a number of hi-tech agricultural projects, including the 81.3-hectare Me Linh zone, the 96.6-hectare Dong Anh zone and the Yen Nghia zone. 

The city aims to devise more drastic and specific measures to support the sustainable development of hi-tech agriculture regarding seedlings, animal feed, production, harvest and post harvest. 

It will also encourage businesses to invest in technology in tandem with enhancing farmer awareness and participation in hi-tech agricultural production. 

Other priorities include boosting the efficiency of agricultural cooperatives and financial allocation for key projects in agricultural development.

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