Hanoi invests 7.2 million USD to improve population quality

10:20 | 22/07/2016 Society

More than 160 billion VND (7.2 million USD) will be invested in a project to improve population quality between 2016 and 2020 in the city.

Hanoi invests 7.2 million USD to improve population quality

Photo: VNA

The project, which was approved by the People’s Committee, will be carried out across 30 districts and 584 communes and towns of the city in an attempt to help at least 80 percent of local expectant women receive prenatal screenings.

Eighty-five percent of infants will be provided newborn screenings to find defects and 50 percent of newborns will also receive screenings for detecting innate defects related to heart disease. The project will also focus on screening, early detection and intervention of birth defects and disorders of transformation or genetic abnormalities during pregnancy and after birth in order to reduce birth defects and improve the city’s population quality.

Under the project, 90 percent of local pregnant women would have access to professional advice on the issue. The fund would be used to raise public awareness of the importance of prenatal and newborn screenings and further training for medical officials and staff.

Local hospitals and health centres will be provided more equipment to support pre-birth screening, newborn and heart defects.

It will also provide hearing screenings for babies aged 0-60 months and Thalassemia (a blood disorder) tests for primary and secondary school students in disadvantaged districts./.


Source: VNA

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