Hanoi expands industrial clusters

16:57 | 20/10/2015 Industry

(VEN) - The Hanoi People’s Committee has agreed to establish the Dai Thang and Phu Tuc industrial clusters in Phu Xuyen District and to expand the Dan Phuong Industrial Cluster in Dan Phuong District.

Hanoi expands industrial clusters

As of June 2015, Hanoi recorded 42 successfully operating industrial clusters. It has also completed preparations for investment in another nine according to the annual plan and expects to start construction of eight of the nine this year.

According to a survey by the Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade, from now to 2018, Dan Phuong, Soc Son, Thanh Tri, Quoc Oai, Thach That, Thanh Oai, Phu Xuyen and Hoai Duc districts also will have an urgent need for establishment and expansion of industrial clusters. These districts are being guided to complete the procedures.

Following a request by Hanoi’s municipal authorities, Phu Xuyen and Dan Phuong are reviewing, supplementing and perfecting their investment reports, which must specify the scope and objectives of their projects to ensure the conformity with plans approved by the authorities and take into account city socioeconomic development, master plan, and zoning.

The city has also urged the districts to ensure complete construction of  technical infrastructure, particularly waste water treatment systems, technical infrastructure inside and outside industrial clusters such as transportation, drainage and fire protection, prepare schedules for the implementation of projects, the progress of investment in technical infrastructure and related management options, define the orientation of investment in industrial clusters as well as tendering for investors./.

Duong Nga

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