Hanoi establishes Covid-19 safety teams in IZs

06:00 | 10/06/2021 Society

(VEN) - Each enterprise in industrial zones (IZs) and industrial clusters (ICs) has been strengthening Covid-19 prevention and control measures, contributing to the citywide efforts by the capital Hanoi.

Production of electrical equipment in the A Chau Industrial Technology Joint Stock Company in the Quat Dong 2 IC

Preventing pandemic spread

Quoc Oai District’s Ngoc Liep and Yen Son ICs have some 30 enterprises with more than 2,000 workers. Despite the resurgence of the Covid-19 pandemic in May, trade and production activities in ICs have not changed. Nonetheless, enterprises operating in ICs have strictly implemented prevention measures, such as disinfecting all vehicles carrying goods before going to production areas, wearing face masks, checking body temperatures and implementing hand sanitization at the gate. Le Quy Kha, board chairman of the Tomeco An Khang Joint Stock Company, said that in addition to providing free face masks, the company also gives free Vitamin C to workers to increase their body’s resistance.

Hoang Nguyen Ung, deputy chairman of the Quoc Oai District People’s Committee, said the people’s committee has asked the Quoc Oai Construction and Investment Project Management Board and businesses to strictly implement Covid-19 prevention and control measures given the serious development of the pandemic. Businesses must enhance vigilance and demand an accounting from their managers.

Some 11 ICs in Thuong Tin District are being kept abreast of the importance of strictly complying with Covid-19 prevention and control measures. The Quat Dong 2 IC Management Board keeps up-to-date with information and regularly reports to the Thuong Tin People’s Committee.

Nguyen Duc Hong, deputy chairman of the Gia Lam District People’s Committee, said the district has asked businesses in Phu Thi, Bat Trang and Kieu Ky ICs to make a list of workers and experts who often move and trade in infected areas for active monitoring.

Tran Anh Tuan, deputy head of the Management Board of Hanoi Industrial and Export Processing Zones, said the management board has requested businesses to strengthen supervision and focus attention on the earliest possible detection of suspected cases.

Production of industrial fans by the Tomeco An Khang Joint Stock Company in the Ngoc Liep IC

Establishing Covid-19 safety teams

Hanoi People’s Committee Chairman Chu Ngoc Anh issued Official Dispatch 07/CD-UBND on strengthening a number of urgent measures to prevent and control the Covid-19 pandemic in IZs, ICs, export processing zones, and medical examination and treatment facilities. Accordingly, the Management Board of Hanoi Industrial and Export Processing Zones, the Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade, and people’s committees of districts and communes are assigned to direct businesses to develop scenarios for Covid-19 prevention and control, set up teams for unannounced inspection in enterprises, and strictly handle violations.

According to a Hanoi Federation of Labor report, all grassroots trade unions in Hanoi’s IZs and export processing zones had established Covid-19 safety teams by May 20.

In addition to positive results, there are certain shortcomings in Covid-19 prevention and control in IZs and ICs. The distancing between workers is often insufficient and unsafe, while information dissemination on pandemic prevention has not been strengthened. In particular, workers have to pay nearly VND1 million for Covid-19 testing, while their income has been reduced due to the pandemic’s economic impact.

Dam Tien Thang, deputy director of the Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade, recommended that people’s committees of districts and communes, IZs, ICs and the business community pay more attention to Covid-19 prevention and control measures in order to avoid disruptions to production chains. Businesses must ensure Covid-19 prevention and control at the highest level, Thang said.

Nguyen Hanh