Hanoi DocFest highlights creative documentaries

15:50 | 07/11/2017 Society

Hanoi DocFest 2017, Vietnam’s only annual festival dedicated to promoting independent creative documentaries, experimental and hybrid films, will take place from November 5 to 12 in Hanoi.

Posters of the festival

This year’s festival will see an important structural change as the program will last for a week and take place in various locations around the city, to give the audience a broader perspective of what’s happening in the independent film scene.

At DocFest 2017, the audience will discover films that contemplate the many aspects of social and personal life, manifested not only in an informational route but also in unique formal approaches.

During the festival, a two-day symposium dedicated to cinema in the region, titled “Time, Space, and the Visceral in Southeast Asian Cinema”, will be held with the participation of international and domestic speakers, and an intensive three-day field recording and sound design workshop led by Ernst Karel, a sound engineering specialist from Harvard University’s Sensory Ethnography Lab (SEL), will be organised.

In addition, visitors will have an opportunity to understand more on the contemporary aesthetics and current trends of short films in different international festivals through three screening programmes and presentations.

Theo NDO