Hanoi develops international standard health system

15:00 | 01/07/2020 Cooperation

Along with bringing into play their internal resources, many hospitals in the capital have been strengthening international cooperation and improving the quality of disease diagnosis and treatment activities to achieve a smart, international standard healthcare system.

Hanoi’s Saint Paul General Hospital, for example, welcomed and worked with more than 100 delegations of medical professionals from France, the US, Australia, Sweden, Japan, and the Republic of Korea (RoK), among others, resulting in cooperation in the fields of academic research and exchange, human resources training, technology transfers, and cultural exchange.

hanoi develops international standard health system
Duc Giang General Hospital cooperates with leading gastrointestinal surgeons

With the help of experts and efforts by individuals, working groups and organizations, Saint Paul established its Hanoi High-tech & Digestive Center in November 2016 – the first facility of its kind in the capital to have modern, international standard medical equipment. The center has pioneered modern digestive techniques and technologies.

One of the world-leading experts to cooperate with the hospital was Professor Joel Leroy, a world leading gastrointestinal surgeon. He and other world-renowned medical experts provided the hospital with technical assistance and advice in large intestine and rectum laparoscopic surgery for cancer treatment, laparoscopic surgery for anal leakage treatment, transanal endoscopy microsurgery (TEM), transanal endoscopic operation (TEO) for cutting rectal tumor, osteoarthritis analgesic treatment, herniated disk treatment with ozone, and 3D ultrasound for breast cancer detection.

Better health at lower cost

The application of these techniques and technologies have helped shorten disease treatment and patient recovery time, reducing disease diagnosis and treatment costs, and decreasing the number of patients sent to higher-level and foreign hospitals.

Professor Leroy is offering gastrointestinal laparoscopy training and technology transfer-related assistance for Hanoi’s medical sector under a 2018-2020 project while providing training for the Hanoi High-tech & Digestive Center.

The Duc Giang General Hospital is also applying advanced technology to reduce surgery costs for patients by tens of thousands of euros. The advanced technology also reduces bleeding and speeds recovery, sparing patients scars on the abdominal wall after surgery.

Hanoi People's Committee Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung said Leroy’s practical assistance contributes efficiently to the capital's health sector and to furthering Vietnamese-French cooperation for the benefit of people’s health and access to high quality diagnosis and treatment.

Apart from Saint Paul and Duc Giang general hospitals, other leading state and privately owned hospitals, including 108 Military Central Hospital, Viet Duc Hospital, Hong Ngoc General Hospital, and Medlatec, among others, are enhancing international cooperation in renovating and upgrading facilities, human resources training, technology transfers, and scientific and technological research.

Phuong Ha