Hanoi continues large-scale concentrated breeding

10:02 | 09/05/2016 Society

(VEN) - The 2011-2015 large-scale concentrated breeding program has laid the foundation for developing the capital’s livestock.

Hanoi continues large-scale concentrated breeding

Milk cow breeding is the mainstay for farmers in Ba Vi District

Hanoi currently has 15 communes specializing in breeding 12,500 dairy cows, accounting for 81.8 percent of the city’s total. Scientific advancements have been applied to the breeding of cows to improve the quality and quantity of milk.

Hanoi has shaped up 19 beef cattle herds of 27,000 cows accounting for 21 percent of the city’s total. The implementation of free artificial insemination, has promoted larger cattle breeds.

In addition to breeding cattle, Hanoi has also focused on pig farming on a large scale. Large-scale pig farms in the city currently raise around 440,000 pigs, accounting for 25.88 percent of the city’s total, including 13 pig-farming communes raising more than 260,000 pigs.

All pig farms are placed outside residential quarters and have modern waste treatment systems to avoid polluting the environment. These farms use bio-feed for pigs to produce better quality pork and increase the revenue from VND300,000-500,000 per head.

Poultry have now been farmed on a large scale with increased incomes. There are 29 communes across the city with seven million poultry being raised, including some well-known varieties such as Soc Son and Ba Vi hill chickens and Van Dinh ducks.

According to Pham Phong from the Hanoi’s Agriculture Promotion Center, the city has paid special attention to building agricultural production and distribution links in addition to promoting local concentrated breeding. To date, it has set up 18 agricultural production and distribution links, including five related to pigs, eight to poultry, four to both pigs and poultry and one to milk cows.

Concentrated breeding achievements coupled with tightened control of slaughtering for food safety and the establishment of agricultural production and distribution links in recent years have proved that the city is moving toward meeting daily needs of local people for quality food and foodstuff.


Nguyen Hanh

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