Hai Phong gears rural vocational training to employer needs

09:27 | 09/07/2018 Society

(VEN) - The Industry Promotion Center of the city of Hai Phong has spent a considerable amount of industry promotion capital on employer-targeted vocational training projects to develop labor for rural industrial enterprises within the city boundaries.

hai phong gears rural vocational training to employer needs
Vocational training helps employees increase their incomes

For example, with financial assistance from a 2017 national industry promotion program, the center worked with the Quy Phuong Co., Ltd in Vinh Bao District’s Cong Hien Commune and the Phuc Linh Cooperation and Construction Co., Ltd in Kien Thuy District’s Du Le Commune to train 200 local residents in industrial sewing. After being trained, tested and certified, the 200 were recruited by the two companies and are earning stable incomes.

A Hai Phong Department of Industry and Trade representative said industry promotion is a priority in the city, as it plays an important role in rural industrial development, with vocational training an important element. The training programs are mainly short-term (no longer than three months) and are designed to enable workers of rural industrial production facilities to improve their equipment and technology management and operation skills, he added.

Vocational training is mainly offered in such major sectors as farm produce, forest product and seafood processing, agricultural machinery and tool manufacturing and repair, consumer engineering, and production of consumer goods and exports such as textiles, garments, footwear, and handicrafts. Since 2014, more than 33,000 residents of Hai Phong’s eight rural districts have undergone vocational training and over 90 percent of graduates have found jobs.

Offering vocational training in accordance with the actual demands of specific employers is the key to success of Hai Phong’s industry promotion sector. Therefore, the sector’s vocational training has become much more efficient and relevant to employers’ needs.

The sector will continue this vocational training model to enable employers to find skilled workers and rural residents to find good jobs with stable incomes.

Under the 2018 national industry promotion plan, the Industry Promotion Center of the city of Hai Phong surveyed employment demands of rural industrial production facilities to efficiently implement a project for training 500 rural workers in shoe upper production.

Linh Linh