Hai Duong searching for agricultural export market

16:55 | 01/07/2015 Trade

(VEN) - Hai Duong Province is well known for several agricultural products including Thanh Ha litchis and Chi Linh guavas and custard-apples and the local authorities are focusing on market research to identify potential agricultural export markets to help local farmers boost sales of their products.

Hai Duong searching for agricultural export market

Hai Duong’s authorities are focusing on finding export markets for local agricultural products

Hai Duong has several agricultural specialties including litchis, guavas and custard-apples and the province is determined to promote sales of these specialties. However, special attention should be given to product quality, productivity, and export markets. Stable agricultural output will encourage farmers to grow more to improve their incomes, contributing to the province’s socioeconomic  development, said Nguyen Anh Cuong, the Deputy Chairman of the Hai Duong Province People’s Committee at a recent provincial meeting to promote sales of the fruit.

The province has shifted to goods orientated production for several years, with a focus on some key agricultural products including litchis, guavas, custard-apples and oranges. Currently, it has 1,450ha of guavas with an annual output of 33,000 tonnes, 900ha of custard-apples mainly located in Chi Linh Town, and 11,000ha of litchis with an annual output of 50,000 tonnes.

Hai Duong’s litchi products have sold well in the domestic market, especially in Ho Chi Minh City, and have been exported to several countries including Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, the Republic of Korea, the Middle East and the EU.

According to Chairman of the Thanh Ha District People’s Committee Pham Duc Tuan, Thanh Ha litchi products have been protected in terms of geographical indication since 2007 and were featured on the top-50 list of quality trusted products voted by the Vietnam Standard and Consumers Association in 2012. These products entered the top-ten list of well-known brand names voted by the Vietnam Intellectual Property Association in 2013, and were voted as national specialties last year.

Hai Duong has applied the Vietnamese Good Agricultural Practices (VietGAP) standards to litchi production since 2011 and the Global Good Agricultural Practice (GlobalGAP) later. Currently it has about 10ha of VietGAP-grown litchis which are able to meet US export requirements and one ha of GlobalGAP-grown litchis which are able to meet UK export requirements in Thanh Ha District.

Deputy Director of Hai Duong Province Department of Industry and Trade Vu Thi Kim Phuong said, “As part of the efforts to find stable export markets for local agricultural products, Hai Duong will in the coming time focus on agricultural product branding and reputation building, especially for several fruit specialties, in both domestic and international markets. In addition, it will further improve trade promotion, market research and information provision for farmers to keep them informed about international market prices, demands, standards and technical barriers.”

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