Hai Duong Province boosts solid waste treatment

14:00 | 13/07/2022 Environment

(VEN) - The Red River Delta province of Hai Duong has set a target of collecting and treating 90 percent of its domestic solid and industrial waste by 2025, an ambitious undertaking compared to the current 30 percent treatment rate.

Director of the provincial Environmental Protection Sub-Department Vu Manh Tuong said 405 establishments generated an estimated 1.95 million tonnes of ordinary industrial solid waste in 2020 and about 463,550 tonnes of domestic waste, but only about 139,000 tonnes (30 percent) were treated by incineration, while the rest was buried.

Domestic waste treatment is our priority. The provincial people's committee has approved a project on treatment of solid waste in Hai Duong Province in the period of 2021-2025, with a vision to 2030, viewed as a basis to attract investment resources for solid waste treatment and management in the coming time,” Tuong said.

hai duong province boosts solid waste treatment

Ash and slag from the Pha Lai Thermal Power Plant supplied to construction material production facilities

Currently, only three out of 33 operational industrial clusters in the province have wastewater treatment systems. According to current regulations, 36 local enterprises that are subject to automatic environmental monitoring have installed the automatic monitoring equipment.

Owners of production facilities are aware of the need to collect and treat industrial solid waste for use as materials for production, while ensuring environmental protection. For example, all the ash and slag at the Pha Lai Thermal Power Plant is collected and used as an admixture for making concrete. In addition, rags of garment facilities, all kinds of waste from cardboards, nylon, iron and steel, and coal slag are recycled and reused.

However, along with socioeconomic development and industrialization, the volume of discharged solid waste is increasing. According to calculations, the amount of domestic solid waste will rise to an estimated 506,255 tonnes a year by 2025 and possibly to 636,925 tonnes a year by 2030.

Hai Duong has budgeted more than VND731.4 billion from 2021 to 2025 to address the solid waste problem. Specifically, plans call for the province to build a synchronous domestic and industrial solid waste collection, transportation and treatment system, with priority given to advanced and environmentally friendly technologies appropriate to the province’s socioeconomic development conditions.

Hai Duong will also improve the efficiency of state management, improve mechanisms and policies and raise community responsibility for the management and treatment of domestic solid waste.

Thu Huong