Hai Duong improves rural craftsmanship

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(VEN) - Hai Duong Province has focused all its resources on improving local vocational training and the lives of craft workers, while creating the premise for local rural industrial development.

Hai Duong improves rural craftsmanship

Enhanced vocational training helps improve rural craftsmanship

According to the Hai Duong Department of Industry and Trade, the province has recognized 65 craft villages, with most of which thriving off traditional craft production and gradually attracting local and regional workers including Trang Liet Metalworking Village in Binh Giang District, Dong Giao Woodworking Village in Cam Giang District and Hoang Dieu Leather Shoe Village in Gia Loc Town.

The department conducted a survey on local craft villages and revealed that the monthly average income per craft worker is much higher than agricultural workers, ranging from VND1.2-5 million. Craft villages also accept workers with disabilities or beyond working age.

However, low-skilled craft workers often receive lower monthly payments, ranging from VND1.2-3 million, which forces the province to focus more on vocational training quality.

Hai Duong’s industry promotion center has organized 18 vocational training courses for 750 craft workers through implementing industry promotion projects and 24 trade promotion courses for 1,450 owners of businesses and rural industrial bases, six intellectual property related courses for more than 800 people. In addition, it has also provided industrial property consultancy for 154 local businesses and industrial bases and implemented rural vocational training in accordance with Prime Ministerial Decision 1956/QD-TTg.

These courses have helped local businesses and industrial bases boost production and trading and rural workers find stable employment. The province recorded increases in the number of workers over recent years, from 94,523 in 2011 to 116,159 in 2015, marking an annual average increase of 2,120.

The province will focus on improving vocational training quality during the 2016-2020 period, especially for craftspeople. It expects to attract from 3,000-5,000 workers into craft production on an annual basis and to record from 130,000-140,000 craft workers by 2020.

To turn this into a reality, the province will implement a series of industry promotion, vocational training and trade promotion projects based on its internal and external financial resources, along with supporting local businesses and industrial bases in terms of market research and technological application.

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