HAGL anchors shopping plaza in Myanmar

15:18 | 12/12/2015 Companies

Hoang Anh Gia Lai Group (HAGL), one of Vietnam’s premier property developers, has announced the grand opening of phase one of a US$300 million 40,000 square-metre shopping plaza in Yangon, Myanmar.

HAGL anchors shopping plaza in Myanmar

“We currently have 95% of the space leased,” a public relations officer of HAGL unveiled, noting that when all of the stores are fully stocked the centre will offer a plethora of brand name products for the customers shopping pleasure.

The official said the project has been pided into two phase.

“Phase one of the project is focusing on the shopping centre and completing construction on a one-star and five-star hotel while phase two will concentrate on constructing residential housing.

He said plans are for phase two to take six to seven years to complete./.


Source: VOVnews

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