Ha Tinh Province opens windows of opportunity for rural industries

09:45 | 25/09/2020 Industry

(VEN) - The industry promotion program and cleaner production plan for the 2016- 2020 period have yielded new opportunities for rural industrial development in the north-central province of Ha Tinh.

ha tinh province opens windows of opportunity for rural industries

Over 100 industry promotion projects

From 2016 to 2020, Ha Tinh Province implemented 109 industry promotion projects with funding of over VND23.29 billion. The national industry promotion budget supported the implementation of 10 projects with over VND11 billion and the local industry promotion budget supported 99 projects with VND12.25 billion.

The coastal province has supported five training projects on business start-ups, marketing, product branding and the dissemination of industry promotion policies. On average, 320 people undergo professional training each year at a total cost of VND98 million. In addition, the province has supported the building of three technical demonstration models of industry and handicraft production from the national industry promotion funding with a total budget of VND1.44 billion, an annual average of VND288 million.

The province also has supported technology transfer and scientific and technical progress, 53 projects on the application of advanced machinery and equipment in industry and handicraft production with an implementation budget of VND9.17 billion, an annual average of VND1.83 billion. Three of the projects were supported from the national industry promotion funding in the amount of VND600 million and 50 projects were supported from the local industry promotion funding with the amount of VND8.57 billion.

Cleaner production

According to Le Xuan Tu, Deputy Director of the Ha Tinh Department of Industry and Trade, the province has organized 10 training courses on cleaner production in industry for nearly 2,000 people and coordinated with consultants to assess cleaner production in 15 enterprises and cooperatives in the area with a total budget of VND700 million.

To promote the consumption of local products, the province held three orange and agricultural festivals in the 2016-2020 period, built five Vietnamese goods selling points in the countryside, guided and supported the advertising of more than 50 products on e-commerce trading floors such as www.hatinhonline.vn, dacsan.hatinh.vn, and built and handed over 15 e-commerce websites to enterprises and business households.

For the 2021-2025 period, the province targets the building of 20-30 sustainable production and consumption models, the reduction of five to eight percent of raw material and fuel consumption by some manufacturing industries, and outreach to 80 percent of industrial zones, clusters, craft villages in raising awareness of sustainable production and consumption.

The provincial Department of Industry and Trade focuses on supporting priority industries and industrial products, creating the foundation for rural modernization, and continues to promote the consumption of products and goods, yielding practical results in the supply-demand connection.

In the 2021-2025 period, Ha Tinh Province plans to support the establishment of about 20-30 industrial enterprises, and build more than 10 technical demonstration models applying new technologies and producing new products. In addition, the province will fund awards for typical rural industry products at the provincial level, and support branding of about 30 rural industrial products.

Thu Trang