Ha Tinh focuses on new rural area construction

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(VEN) - Over the past few years, Ha Tinh has strived to step up the development of new rural areas, recording several achievements, highlighting the All Make Progress and Develop motto.

Ha Tinh focuses on new rural area construction

Agricultural restructuring

Visiting Ha Tinh now, visitors will be surprised at the green fruit gardens and fish and shrimp ponds, which are found on previously non-arable land.

The achievements are the results of Ha Tinh’s agricultural restructuring since 2010, with a focus on 13 key agricultural items including cows, pigs, deer, shrimp, oranges and pomelo. It has implemented several high-tech agricultural models, for example, the fruit and vegetable farming models applied to coastal sandy soil which has annually yielded VND250-300 million per ha. In addition, farmer-business links in favor of production and distribution have been established and developed.

Nguyen Nhat Tan, a farmer in Tay Tra Village, Huong Tra Commune, Huong Khe District, Ha Tinh, has seen success in applying a general farming model on his 25ha farm, including 12ha of acacia and 13ha of fruit trees. He started with VND10 million and 400 orange trees and has managed to apply intensive farming and crop rotation models to increase income for reinvestment. Last year, he earned nearly VND1.1 billion from sales of nearly 40 tonnes of oranges. His farming model is typical in the province.

Ha Tinh has achieved several outstanding results in construction of new rural areas including 100 percent of its communes having new rural area plans, 72 percent of its communes achieving the criterion on incomes, 84 percent of its communes reaching the criterion on electricity and 90 percent of its communes reaching the criterion on posts and telecommunications. This year, it expects to register 26 new rural area criteria-meeting communes.


During the 2011-2014 period, Ha Tinh saw the establishment of 3,000 farming models annually yielding from VND100 million to VND60 billion, serving as a landmark for a traditionally poverty-stricken province like Ha Tinh.

Comprehensive development

Ha Tinh has determined to deploy its process of new rural areas as a key long-term task since the implementation of Decision 26-NQ/TW on agriculture, farmer and rural area and Decision 800 on a national target program on construction of new rural areas. Over the past four years of its new rural area implementation, Ha Tinh has recorded remarkable achievements in terms of its economy and environment as a result of an overall planning. To date, it has nearly 4,000 businesses and 686 cooperatives, registered 332 domestic investment projects and 54 foreign investment projects.

In addition to current effective business models, Ha Tinh’s New Rural Area Steering Committee has also asked related departments and agencies to draft  new sectoral and general business models to suit the local needs for development. For example, a Civilized Residential Quarter model has been piloted in 100 villages in the province and has received positive response from locals as well as organizations. This model is considered to vastly benefit local communities while contributing significantly to the construction of new rural areas in the province.


By Ha Thu

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