Ha Giang focuses on cross-border economic development

17:22 | 16/04/2015 Trade

(VEN) - Ha Giang Province has paid special attention to cross-border economic development in order to create a breakthrough for the local economy.

Ha Giang focuses on cross-border economic development

Ministry of Industry and Trade leaders visit the Thanh Thuy International Border Crossing

The province has raised more than VND1.6 trillion from other capital sources to invest in the construction and development of infrastructure since 2010, contributing to promoting socioeconomic development. In particular, Vietnam’s Thanh Thuy and China’s Thien Bao have officially become international border gates, helping the province promote trade. The Thanh Thuy International Border Crossing covers on an area of 1,795ha. The official upgrade to an international border crossing has also contributed to confirming Ha Giang Province’s efforts and determination to promoting cross-border economic development.

The Thanh Thuy International Border Crossing currently has more than 20 investment projects with total registered capital of over VND333 billion. In addition, 32 businesses are renting land and building infrastructure for trade and production activities.

Total cross-border export-import turnover in 2014 reached more than US$148 million. Moreover, the number of people and vehicles going via the border crossing reached over 408,000 and 21,000, respectively. Although these figures have not been commensurate with potential, it has contributed to promoting the province’s economic development.

In the early months of this year, cross-border activities have flourished with an increase in the number of people and vehicles using the border crossing. In particular, goods have strongly increased in volume, especially agricultural products. For example, 200 tonnes of Binh Thuan dragon fruit and nearly 20 tonnes of fresh chili were exported via the Thanh Thuy International Border Crossing in January. Some items such as lemons, cassava and cassava products or antimony ores have also increased in volume.

Ha Giang Provincial Party Committee Secretary Trieu Tai Vinh said that to promote cross-border economic development, Ha Giang Province has proposed more specific mechanisms in terms of exports, imports and taxes to the government in order to increase revenues to reinvest in infrastructure, contributing to creating a breakthrough in socioeconomic development.

Together with advantages in terms of cross-border trade, Ha Giang Province has actively strengthened integration such as participating in the joint working committee with Vietnam’s Quang Ninh, Lang Son and Cao Bang provinces and China’s Guangxi Autonomous Region; and the joint working group between Vietnam’s Ha Giang, Lao Cai, Lai Chau and Dien Bien provinces and China’s Yunnan. In recent years, the province has maintained good relationship with China’s Guangxi and Yunnan. The two sides have regularly organized high-level visits and actively promoted foreign affairs. These activities have contributed to bringing total cross-border trade turnover since 2010 to US$1.2 billion, creating a development engine for the local economy.

By Nguyen Quang


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