Grobest supports Vietnamese shrimp farmers to access top-quality, high-yield shrimp larvae

16:15 | 23/03/2021 Companies

(VEN) - Grobest Vietnam Co., Ltd. has entered cooperation with leading domestic shrimp larvae hatcheries to diversify the supply of high-quality, high-yield larvae for shrimp farmers.

Modern facilities at a hatchery selected by Grobest to join its larvae production cooperation program

The combination of Grobest's 40 years of expertise in shrimp nutrition with the hatcheries’ hands-on manufacturing experience will help optimize shrimp larvae production while securing a high-quality source. The shrimp larvae hatcheries include: Thong Thuan, Truong Thinh, Nam My, Le Xuan Bay, Tran Hau Dien and Shrimpvet.

Mr. Nguyen Van Khanh, Director of Consulting Technical Services, Grobest Vietnam, said: “Shrimp larvae is the most fundamental and deciding factor for the success of each crop. However, currently, there is very limited access and choice of good larvae sources for Vietnamese shrimp farmers. Understanding this, Grobest decided to initiate a program of technical assistance and nutrition consultancy under which we collaborate with reputable manufacturers to help customers access high-quality and high-growth performance shrimp larvae to support their production operations. We believe that this will build a more solid foundation helping Vietnamese farmers achieve fruitful crops in the future.”

The shrimp larvae hatcheries that Grobest chose to cooperate with are all reputable suppliers. Not only running well-established shrimp larvae production operations, the facilities have also been thoroughly vetted by Grobest to ensure they meet its stringent standards.

For the cooperation, Grobest and partner hatcheries have selected the broodstock to be used and set the nutritional criteria for each larval stage and the post-larvae (PL) product. Grobest will also dispatch a team of technicians to monitor the quality of PL products, ensuring they fit the company’s criteria.

Experimental evidence shows that cooperation between Grobest and partner hatcheries has resulted in stronger shrimp that are more resistant in critical growth stages. Additionally, shrimp farmers reported shorter farming times and reduced expenses for feed and other overheads. A particularly noteworthy performance enhancement was seen in shrimp size, with PL products reaching the 30 shrimps per kilogram standard in only 90 days. On the market with the ‘Manufactured According to Grobest Standards’ label, shrimp farmers can easily recognize and choose quality shrimp larvae, ridding themselves of worries about product origin.

My Phung