Greenovator Hackathon 2021: Top winner found

15:50 | 19/11/2021 Events

(VEN) - Bosch Vietnam and Quang Trung Software City (QTSC) have awarded the top prize of the Greenovator Hackathon 2021 to the Green Footprint project.

Based on existing air quality data of Vietnam, the winning team led by Hoang Thu Giang and Nguyen Hoang Tuan developed a software application that connects to LED stickers that light up to indicate the surrounding air quality.

“I thought I would not stand a chance in the competition because I am not tech-savvy,” said Hoang Thu Giang, leader of the winning project, Green Footprint. “I would like to thank Bosch for giving me this opportunity to expand my horizon. My two-month journey ended with lots of memories, laughter, and ‘awe moments’ as the other teams were so cool!”

greenovator hackathon 2021 top winner found

Top three winning teams at Greenovator Hackathon 2021

The Hackathon’s first runner-up was awarded to the Traffic Control project team who used building intelligent software to analyze traffic density at intersections as captured by CCTVs, then automatically control traffic lights to optimize traffic flow. The AirQ4Cast project team was awarded second runner-up for creating an AI-based application that analyzes and predicts the impact that tree cover density and traffic have on the air quality of a given land area.

“We are encouraged by the enthusiasm and capabilities of our youths’ efforts to make a difference in society, in this case for better air quality in Vietnam,” said Guru Mallikarjuna, Managing Director of Bosch Vietnam. “Transportation is the main contributor to air pollution in cities, and we observe a rising trend from 2009 to 2016 for Ho Chi Minh City. Bosch is committed to improving air quality while securing the need for individual mobility, and we achieve this by working closely with the government, industry, and expert working groups to provide recommendations based on research and best practices.”

greenovator hackathon 2021 top winner found

The “Technologies for a Blue Sky” business dialogue was held on November 18, in Ho Chi Minh City

The competition’s award ceremony was held in conjunction with the “Technologies for a Blue Sky” business dialogue on Ho Chi Minh City’s (HCMC) vision and progress towards cleaner air.

“From urbanization to traffic and production activities, Vietnam in general and HCMC in specific are pursuing growth at the expense of the environment. This urges us to take immediate actions,” said Ngo Nguyen Ngoc Thanh, Deputy Director of HCMC Environmental Protection Agency (HEPA) in her presentation at the “Technologies for a Blue Sky” business dialogue. After 5 years of implementing the Environmental Pollution Reduction Program for the period of 2016-2020, up to now, HCMC has completed the set foundational targets.

Road traffic is a major contributor to air pollution, especially in major cities such as HCMC. Addressing HCMC’s desire for cleaner air, Bosch shared an industry best-practice on how an air monitoring and traffic management system implemented in London was able to improve traffic flow, thereby reducing nitrous oxide (NOx) levels by around six percent, amongst other environmental parameters. The system also considers building topography as well as weather conditions. To measure and collect air quality data, the system employs the use of the Bosch Immission Monitoring Box (IMB) – the same air quality monitoring device that participants of the Greenovator Hackathon utilized for their projects.

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