Greenovator Hackathon 2021 announced top 10

18:10 | 01/10/2021 Events

The journey of Greenovator Hackathon 2021 jointly organized by Bosch Vietnam and Quang Trung Software City has found the top 10 best topics to move onto the final round of the competition.

The competition required contestants to take on three “green” challenges including improving outdoor air quality, traffic management to reduce congestion, and reduce gas emissions from vehicles for cleaner air.

Despite taking place amidst the complex Covid-19 evolution, the preliminary round received enthusiastic participation from students and young technicians. After less than a month, the contest has attracted 57 creative submissions, with ideas centered around creative technological solutions, to bring sustainable development to the country.

greenovator hackathon 2021 announced top 10

Smart and environmentally friendly bus station model, a project from HCMUTE-001 group

The board of judges had selected the following top 10 most innovative ideas to continue with the training phase: Green Footprint project (Group: Green Footprint); AirQ4Cast project (Group: Mastermind); REDZONE project (Group: V1OLET); Optimizing energy for building (Group: SA); Traffic prediction (Group: Othree); Air track (Group: NAST); Traffic Control (Group: RMIT Nerds); Bio-Net (Group: Technology-X); CO2 detector device for helping detect COVID-19 (Group: Green PHL); Bus station (Group: HCMUTE-001).

To best support the top 10 groups with the raw input data to develop their technology projects, Bosch Vietnam and Quang Trung Software City will create a real-time experimental environment within Quang Trung Software City, consisting of modern Bosch equipment, including the Bosch Immission Monitoring Box (IMB), and the smart camera system – the new Bosch AUTODOME inteox 7000i – 2MP cameras.

The Bosch IMB is an indicative Air Quality Monitoring system for monitoring real-time air quality parameters, such as temperature, humidity, PM 2.5, PM 10, NO2, SO2… in the ambient environment. It uses sensors to capture and provide analysis of the current and projected levels of pollutants, which can then be used to make targeted improvements to traffic flow and air quality. The new Bosch AUTODOME inteox 7000i has built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) including video analytics while the camera is moving, machine learning capabilities, and deep neural network-based (DNN) video analytics. This technology will offer an overview of the traffic situation while accurately and effectively analyzing the traffic density.

The competition will end with a 48-hour hackathon on October 29th and 30th, where the teams will deploy and present their finest work for the coveted title. The top three teams will receive cash prizes of VND50 million, VND30 million, and VND15 million accordingly. Winners will have an internship opportunity with Bosch Vietnam.

Huong Ngoc