GREENFEED exports high-quality breeding stock

15:54 | 11/05/2021 Companies

(VEN) - GREENFEED Vietnam JSC (GREENFEED) has exported to the Cambodian market its first batch of GF24 (Camborough®48) breed.

greenfeed exports high quality breeding stock
GREENFEED's high-quality Cu Jut breed farm in Dak Nong, Vietnam

GF24 (Camborough®48) is the superior swine genetic breeding stock transferred through the genetic marker technology of PIC – the leading swine genetic company. This first successful shipment is yet another landmark for GREENFEED in bringing the superior swine genetic breeds and the effective farming solutions to the regional market.

On April 19, GREENFEED's very first batch of more than 2,400 superior PIC’s genetic gilts departed to Cambodia market from Cu Jut farm, Dak Nong, Vietnam. The journey took 10 days in strict compliance with veterinary regulations as well as COVID-19 prevention protocols. In Cambodia, GF24 (Camborough®48) gilts will be raised on an 83-hectare closed farm operated by GREENFEED, with well-equipped, modern barns advanced facilities strictly following the Company’s breeding model and PIC’s standards.

Once officially put into operation, GREENFEED’s farm in Cambodia is expected to produce 2,200 piglets, 300 GF24 (Camborough®48) gilts and 2,200 hogs each month for the Cambodian market. This export aims at manifesting GREENFEED’s vision to leverage its effective farming solutions to herd the livestock industry on a more modern and sustainable path. GREENFEED’s farming solutions cover across animal nutrition, international quality standard breeding solutions, barn solutions, livestock management and biosecurity.

GF24 (Camborough®48) gilts are the result of long years of research and development between GREENFEED and PIC - world leading swine genetic company. GF24 (Camborough®48) offers a range of preeminent features such as high environmental and biological adaptability to all livestock conditions right from the first stage of entering the farm; genetic resistance to E.coli F18; stable productivity from the first farrowing, reaching 31 – 32 weaned piglets per sow each year; healthy uniform piglet development; quick breeding time of 3-5 days in good conditions; while piglets raised for meat grow rapidly, yielding quality meat and high economic efficiencies.

The successful export of GF24 (Camborough®48) marks the second major milestone in completing FEED – FARM – FOOD chain of GREENFEED in the Cambodian market, highlighting the company's dedication to promote professional, efficient and sustainable livestock production while supporting re-herding efforts.

My Phung