Green crab apple branding in focus

09:36 | 09/09/2015 Trade

(VEN) - Green crab apple investors in Bac Yen District in the Son La Province should focus on establishing processing facilities and business links to ensure sales and farmer incomes.

Green crab apple branding in focus

Green crab apple prices strongly fluctuate from the beginning to the end of the harvest

Bac Yen is home to more than 200ha of Shan Tuyet tea and nearly 1,600ha of green crab apples. However, the potential for both products has failed to be exploited.

According to Tafood Co., Ltd representative Nguyen Thi Tham, green crab apples are grown without fertilizer, and are considered safe and nutritious and suitable for being processed into beverages, food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The area set aside for green crab apple cultivation in the northwest region is increasing, along with the expansion of its market.

The Hiep Khanh Tea JSC decided to establish the Tafood Co., Ltd in 2013 as an affiliate located in Ta Sua Commune dedicated to the development of Shan Tuyet tea and green crab apples.

Tafood plans to install a green crab apple processing plant with a daily capacity of 10 tonnes of green crab apples in August 2015. In the first phase of production, it aims to produce and market non-fermented concentrated and condensed green crab apple juice. In the second phase from 2016-2018, it aims at mass production and buying all local green crab apple yield.

“Within three to five years, green crab apple farmers in Ta Sua, Xim Vang, Lang Chieu and Hang Chu would earn from US$3-5 million on an annual basis at an estimated average sale price of VND5,000 per kg,” said Nguyen Thi Tham.

In addition, the project will help with local forest protection and green crab apple market development, while improving local farmer incomes. The company’s green crab apple processing model, if successful, will be replicated in other similar areas.

There are also some difficulties. One is that green crab apples which are harvested in three months by hand-picking may be spoiled and different in quality, and another is that green crab apples have so far only been used for forestation, not as a tree for industrial production, branding and marketing.

Bac Yen aims to attract investment in local economic development, especially in the processing and production of local specialties. Tafood’s investment in green crab apples will help improve farmer incomes, contributing significantly to the local and regional sustainable development, said Head of the Bac Yen Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Le Van Ky.


Nguyen Hanh