Greece promotes fruit to Vietnamese consumers

08:40 | 11/07/2022 Trade

The Association of Imathia’s Agricultural Cooperatives has just organized a seminar "Delicious Fruits", introducing fresh and safe fruits from Greece to Vietnamese consumers.  

This is an activity in the campaign to promote high quality agricultural products sponsored by the European Union. The event updated information about Greek agricultural products to Vietnamese importers and distributors.

Fruits from Europe are subject to the world's most stringent regulations on food safety. In Greece, these regulations are fully applied to production. Greek businesses implement certified quality assurance systems, in accordance with GLOBAL GAP, GLOBAL GAP GRASP, AGRO 2, IFS, BRC and ISO 22000 standards and regulations. Besides, the sustainability and viability of the soil are preserved. At the same time, water is rationally consumed, the health, hygiene and safety of those working in agricultural facilities is protected, while biodiversity is managed and increased via the proper and prudent management of natural resources.

Greece exhibits an important agricultural production, placing it amongst the major producers of fruit in Europe. It also offers major, modern facilities for processing and standardization.

The favourable Mediterranean climate is offering mild temperatures, adequate rainfall and plenty of sunshine and has the most beneficial effect on various features of the fruits and their overall quality.

The land topography of Northern Greece, the mountainous verdant regions, combined with the fertile valley of River Aliakmon and nearby mountain areas, shape a singular microclimate offering ideal soil and climate conditions for healthy and productive orchards.

The Association of Imathia’s Agricultural Cooperatives consists of 8 member associations, with a yield of 63,000 kg/h of fresh fruit. The Association's fresh fruit output reached more than 134,000 tonnes in 2019, exporting more than 103,000 tonnes. Each year, the output of fresh peaches is about 60,000 tonnes, products from peaches are 46,000 tonnes, nectarines reach 26,000 tonnes, kiwi reach 15,000 tonnes, apples are more than 44,000 tonnes. The main export markets are European countries such as Germany, UK, Italy, Finland... In addition, the association also produces famous Greek canned peach products, fruit salads and fruit cocktails, extra virgin olive oil, cheese and dairy products, red saffron, raisins...

The Association has nearly 3,000 farmers with more than 88,000 hectares of fertile land. The association constantly cares about environmental issues by following a responsible policy, conserving all natural resources and paying particular attention to the use of chemicals, pesticides. In addition, the Association is committed to the ongoing implementation of quality and food safety procedures while meeting the requirements of each customer.

Recognizing that Vietnam is an important trade partner with the EU, the Association of Imathia’s Agricultural Cooperatives wishes to introduce more high-quality Greek fruit and agricultural products to Vietnamese importers and consumers.