Great potential for Russian-Vietnamese tourism

13:52 | 25/07/2016 Society

(VEN) - Russia is an important market for Vietnamese tourism, while Vietnam is an attractive destination in the eyes of Russian visitors. The two countries have implemented a range of cooperation programs, helping promote increased tourism to both countries.

Great potential for Russian-Vietnamese tourism

The number of Russian visitors to Vietnam has steadily increased

Russia has engaged special attention of many Vietnamese travel companies and has been seen as one of the key markets for Vietnamese tourism with rapid growth in visits. During the 2011-2015 period, Russian tourists coming to Vietnam increased by 35.6 percent on average, from 100,000 to 339,000 visitors.

The number of Russian visitors coming to Vietnam recorded a fall in 2015 due to difficulties facing the economy. However it has been flourishing since the beginning of the year. Russian tourists to Vietnam totaled around 110,000 and 180,200 in the first three months and five months of this year, respectively.

Deputy Head of the Russian Federal Tourism Agency Sergei Korneev said that Russian tourists had gradually changed their taste of traveling to Egypt and Turkey due to political problems. And Vietnam needs to make the most of opportunities to attract more Russian tourists. “Vietnam has beautiful landscapes and beaches. Therefore, Vietnamese travel companies should have a wider knowledge of Russian tourists in order to increase attractiveness,” Sergei Korneev said.

Air routes from Russia to Egypt and Turkey have been banned. Therefore, Russian travel companies are focusing on persifying products and exploiting more kinds of tourism in addition to sea and island tourism to increase the number of visitors to Vietnam.

Russia and Vietnam have signed tourism cooperation documents during the 2016-2020 period. The two sides have also organized some tourism promotion activities and international tourism fairs in order to introduce Vietnam’s tourism potential. In addition, strengthening investment promotion activities in tourism, enhancing information exchange and sharing experience are necessary.

Russian travel agencies and the Vietnam Tourism Association are working together to host the Famtrip and Presstour programs in order to attract more Russian visitors to Vietnam. In addition to sea and island tours, Russian travel agencies are surveying other tourist destinations in the north and the central region.

Russia opened the Visit Russia Asia office in Vietnam, playing the role of promoting tourism activities in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Sergei Korneev said that tourism potential between Russia and Vietnam remained huge. The office’s establishment will open up opportunities to foster Russian tourism in Vietnam and regional countries.


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