Grapefruit flowers decorate Hanoi streets

11:09 | 03/04/2018 Society

(VEN) - Grapefruit flower baskets have appeared on Hanoi’s streets and at its market stalls, bathing the capital in a sweet scent.

grapefruit flowers decorate hanoi streets

Grapefruit flowers

Grapefruit flower baskets have appeared on Hanoi’s streets and at its market stalls, bathing the capital in a sweet scent.

Grapefruit trees that grow abundantly in northern Vietnam blossom in February and March and their flowers are brought to markets in Hanoi. Bicycles carrying the flowers with their white petals, golden pistils and deep green leaves meander through Hanoi streets and alleys, beautifying the capital and releasing their gentle fragrance into the spring air.

According to traders, from the beginning to the end of March the flowers sell for some VND15,000-30,000 a bunch.

Grapefruit flowers are taken from trees producing too many flowers, mainly from Hanoi’s surrounding localities such as Hung Yen and Bac Ninh provinces, with the pruning designed to achieve higher quality fruits in the future.

The flowers are brought home for decoration, and can be added to tea or kudzu soup to increase flavor.

Grapefruit essential oil

The flowers as well as the fruit itself have numerous other uses. Grapefruit essential oil is extracted directly from grapefruit peel, grapefruit or grapefruit flower without losing the natural nutrients of grapefruits.

Grapefruit essential oil has a wide range of uses due to its uplifting, stimulating and cleansing properties. It is highly effective when used in massage blends to treat cellulite and the elimination of toxins because it helps to stimulate the lymphatic system. In skincare, it can be used to help treat oily and congested skin and has an all-round toning effect on dull skin.

In common with most citrus oils, grapefruit has an antiseptic and antiviral action that can be used to protect against chills and colds. Vaporizing it helps kill airborne bacteria and prevent germs from spreading. Some even believe the oil is useful for maintaining concentration whilst driving. It is also considered effective in relieving stress, especially when blended with other emotionally stimulating oils such as sweet basil.

Like all citrus essential oils grapefruit blends easily with many other oils, such as basil, black pepper, cardamon (and other spice oils), coriander, cypress, geranium, juniper berry, lavender, neroli, palmarosa, petitgrain, pine and rosemary.

Grapefruit is also useful in blends to take the sweet or heady edge off oils such as ylang ylang, jasmine, geranium, tuberose etc. It not only smells good when blended with jasmine, but it also helps when used to improve resolve and boost confidence.

Thanh Tam